Friday, November 2, 2012

The Magnificent Bus

China is now building a tandem bus capable of 100 seated passengers. On Oahu, standing in a bus is a no no. Mo bettah drive the car. Sitting (comfortable,) is a different story.

Look familiar? Almost the same colors. 

4:00 PM and I am on the #93 bus at Alapai Transit Center with destination Makaha, and most passengers have cars. By the time we get to Palama and Vineyard the bus is almost full, one seat empty. Good! We get on the freeway and it is slow going, pretty crowded. But all the passengers realize that there are 50 cars in front of the bus that are missing. The drivers are on the bus. With the Chinese buses there would be one hundred cars less on the freeway.

Ben Cayetano has a very good plan. The only bad part is it leaves out the ones
that were going to make billions and billions of dollars in profits.

The lady sitting next to me tells me she works a few blocks from the Transit Center, has her own car, and lives in Honokai Hale (first stop.) She lives a couple blocks from the bus stop, talk about lucky. She needs the rail like a hole in the head. I get home to Nanakuli before 5:00 PM less than an hour. The rail ain't gonna beat that in a million years and it cost 20 billion. I don't have to go to a station that cost billions and billions of dollars. I get the bus right around the corner where I always do. Dumb Dodos!

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