Sunday, December 30, 2012

Da Blogosphere, In?

The bus situation continues to get worse. I cannot reach our key points in the territory. Aliamanu Schools are the most prominent.  Then there is Pealridge Chapter HBDA, very difficult to get back. And Kalihi has temporarily changed location. Most of us do not see any changes for the good anywhere. We must struggle with what we have.

"Failure sometimes enlarges the spirit. You have to fall back upon humanity and God."

The new Dancing in the Dark blog is designed more like a Web site and will not be updated on a regular basis like a Blog site. But we will try to include our entire dance scene in some way. Of course, we will include only the ones that have shown kokua in participating. We will have to wait for the others in due time.

No, the city had to cut back on all buses causing the terrible mess
that exists today. They thought they could convince the people they need rail.
Quite the opposite. We need buses not a rail!

The high cost of the proposed rail has brought school funding to new lows so they are forced to raise their fees. Dance Clubs specially are rich and can afford it but some will have to find other places to dance. The Palladium is being used by Professionals now. The prices on everything is going sky high because of the rail. But somebody is going to make billions of dollars in pure profits. A few Articulated Buses (one tandem) would have done it. Later on when needed, they could have gotten a few Bi-Articulated buses (two tandems.)

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The people in California are beginning to realize better skip that trip to Hawaii this year. The traffic mess caused by the lack of buses. It is going to take a while before more people realize the mess of the rail. And the unions will have had their last hurrah! So has the Star Advertiser. Bye Baby.

Pub's Side Note: Kapolei Chapter HBDA and Lorna Depew coming through like champs in their terrific blog, with write up and photos. Oahu - West blog reader/dancers will send the hits going through the ceiling. Other clubs may just get the idea.