Sunday, December 9, 2012

HBDA Aliamanu

Had a very nice day in my Nanakuli - Paradise. Made some errands and since I live right off the beach it is so pleasant to gad about. Met with my old friend Gordon and we made our deals on some candies and got some goodies at Sack N Save.

Got ready early and the Bus was late as per usual and still messed up pretty bad - crowded. But this time it seems that most people were going to the parade in Kapolei. So we squeezed through there and I could sense the driver was not going to spend a lot of time on the freeway.

Got to Middle street and waited at the bus stop going the other way. First bus was the #62 and it got me to the Plaza Hotel. From there it was a nice bike ride to Aliamanu Elementary School. Got there and plenty people there already. Gave them the box of chocolates for the reception desk. And got my first photo.

The reception desk is always a good one. This one wasn't too bad,
but still not clear enough. I am definitely doing something wrong.

People coming in and I am having a few dances. Everything looking good. Met my good friends, the Pachecos and I was able to convince them of what I like to do in the dance environment and they helped me to gift someone with a dance video. So we go slowly.  Later on I talked with Willy and Nora about getting rid of my VHS tapes and finding the right people so we can spread it around.

Then met some nice people from Pearly City. and lucky I found it easy to get a photo.

Too fuzzy, but I at least got away from the "peas in a pod look." (all in a straight line)
I am getting the new camera on the 18th so I will get some practice
during Christmas and for sure New Year's Eve.

Got late photos from John Ramos. Terrific photos, good photographer,
almost a perfect example of what the blogs and the reader/dancers need.
Only one defect, yes, I know, the subject matter.

Made the rounds, both Leo and Charito Delgado, Good People for November and Bill and Gloria Klein, Good People for December were there. Yes, we seem to be getting an awful lot of good and friendly dancers in our dance groups. And it's gotta stop!

I was finally recommended to John Ramos for the camera that was not working. I was able to communicate that I was looking for someone that could fix, and then keep it. Now, he knows what I meant. I have just ordered a new Cannon PhotoShoot and they are more expensive but I have to keep going to get the photos that I need for publication.

The bus situation is still horrible. I was lucky to get a seat, but later it was tough to see old ladies standing. But the city couldn't care less for these "ethnics." We need more buses not rail but the ones at the top have to make those billions and billions of dollars that are going to be available. It is "Easy Money, Sonny."

Pub's Side Note: Got an E-mail from June with the HBDA Poster. It is just a little small. Bigger is just more fuzzy. I will take this opportunity to make a nice poster for them and I intend to visit them on New Year's Eve and get plenty pictures with my new camera.

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