Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Looking Better

Breaking News !
End of the world which was scheduled for 2012
has been postponed to 3012
due to some technical problem with the Mayan computers.
Please cooperate and continue living with good spirits.
Keep Smiling and Keep Dancing.

Looking over the blogs and our Guest Authors is just beautiful. Perfection? I did not say that, but they get better every day. We are in the usual plateau of Christmas but I look forward to the New Year. I am dreaming of what the entire enchilada would look like if we had all the good editors Dancing in the Dark the mini zine had. The hits would go through the roof. Put together with the right kind and amount of photos there would be no stopping it. World Wide !

"Pocketful of Sunshine" By Natasha Bedingfield

I can see the whole picture evolving in the right direction with the six blogs, it was touch and go whether I had diluted the readership too much. But the solution is at hand, the Information and Photo Contributors.

The type of printed matter that the reader/dancers never had available before is slowly unfolding before our very eyes. For sure our reader/dancers will be well known throughout the Islands. People throughout the Pacific Rim are becoming aware of us too. Blogger data that is available to us is quite diverse.

"Auld Lang Syne" by Guy Lombardo

In the past five or six years my knowledge of blogging has increased tremendously and I know there are no blogs like our blogs. They are unique and I have tried to include only those groups that wish to be with us. And we have done so good because we have unique Information and Photo Contributors with few parameters. Anyone should be able to tell the different styles but they all accomplish the same purpose. Interested readers.

Town Dancer will be left to its own as soon as we get a couple of Guest Authors. I must phase my self out of town and the momentum will carry those blogs from then on. So I intend to slow down in town and concentrate on getting the other blogs with at least a couple contributors of information and photos and from there develop a new Guest Author and so on. There are more than several that are capable of getting the blogs up over 100 average hits per day. I just have to find the person with the interest.

"Sh-Boom, (Life could be a dream.) By the Crew Cuts

There has been a slight slow down in all blogs, partly due to so many blogs and lack of Guest Authors. I will have better stats at the end of January. There will be some synergism with the other blogs. The links have developed into a very important part of our blogosphere.

Pub's Side Note: Just got into Google + and made my first "circle," it is a little complicated but the simple stuff seems right up my social alley. You don't need an invite you can just ask to be let in. It seems to be better than Facebook or Twitter. I dropped those a year back. Guy Kawasaki has just written a terrific book "What the Plus!" Paperback on sale at Amazon for only $8.