Monday, December 10, 2012

Shall We Dance?

Doris Kawaguchi, Pearlridge

Many think that dance is: Just for fun - Or being sexy or sensual - For women & little girls - For learning steps & tricks - Or that dance is just ballet, tap & hip hop. We must try to find other ways to change this perception of dance . . . specially our group, the largest group on Oahu - the Universal dancers, the Recreational?

"Perhaps we should notice the difference between what happens
when people say to themselves, "I have failed three times,"
and what happens when they says, "I am a failure."

Because dance can . . . Be used to solve problems - Discover one’s self - Be a tool in non-verbal communication - Contribute to interdisciplinary teaching - Bridge the gender divide in education - and - Be combined with technology. Does this apply to men too?

Dance can exercise the brain . . . Simply moving brings an increased blood flow to the brain. - Moving also involves lower brain centers like the cerebellum. And with us, the social dancers, it is especially pleasing to move to our preferred music in ways acceptable in our kind of dancing. A good social dance evening on a Saturday night can be treasured for years.

Dance is popping up all over on our side of town. The Corridor from Pearl City to Salt Lake is really heating up. I see all kinds of signs, though not much is solid yet for the future. Most of the dance clubs operate in a somewhat private fashion. We are overdue for an open to the public dance club without too many commandments. (Thou Shalt Not ... )

HBDA and Dance Hawaii are leading the way but still closed enough not to be inviting to anyone. Their web sites are predominantly for their own members with no counters so that no one can see if there are hits and counters become unnecessary. So I believe that most of the action in the next five years will be in this corridor and may even extend to Kalihi. The big problem remains, we have to find a very nice floor to dance on. It is coming, sometime, somewhere. Is it illegal to dance in a Community Center?
"Jingle, Jangle, Jingle" by Kay Kyser

Pub's Side Note: A dance blog is what all dance websites would like to be, updated on a regular basis, containing content that is of interest to a select or target audience. Information easy to update and change. Our readers are gradually picking up on this action and they will contribute information to share with our fellow reader/dancers.