Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Year End

As the year nears its end,  I would like to congratulate Calvin and the Reader/dancers for that great blogging in Town Dancer as presented to this Island of Oahu. It has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I cannot carry a blog by myself. And it has a ways to go before it gets to be social media.

"We certainly are not perfect but neither are you. So go ahead and check your
errors, before rating ours. Opinions are good but you don't have any right
to be derogatory in checking others. And we will be checking our own."

When you read the blog, you can see so many things for the reader/dancers of our community and there will be more coming, when we get another couple of Guest Authors, with just a "different" opinion, is all. One thing I'm learning is that none of these blogs travel on an even keel. They all go up and down, but of course the up and down trend is "net up."

I worry less about the law of diminishing returns. It is there, but it is automatically postponed when we get another Guest Author. Probably another year yet and if Town Dancer has over 200 average hits per day now, they will have 300 average hits very shortly after we get the Guest Author, no matter who they are.

Another proof is that Oahu And Beyond is steadily losing hits. First we lost Da Spin Doctor and no one knows what happened. Then Richie has not been feeling well so there is nothing there either. They are headed down to the upper 70's and they were up over 120 average hits per day at one time. May come down to about 50.

Replace all the buses from town to Makaha with Articulated buses and you
could stand on the freeway and yell, "Where is everybody? In front of
everyone of these buses would be 80 cars missing from the streets
or highways. The drivers would be "sitting" in the bus.

Meanwhile I have my hands full with Dancing in the Dark, Oahu - West and Central Valley. I am beating the bushes and once I get my good cameras, things look good for next year. Right now they are all in the twenties. If one of them stays down, it will be deleted.
"Away In A Manger"

One of the key factors is that to pay for the Rail, they may postpone the building of the Dance Pavilion at the Patsy Mink Recreation Park. For sure Central Valley will then be deleted. The rail is already screwing up half the island. But like they say, You ain't seen nuttin' yet. There are billions and billions of dollars in profits. As the Mainlanders that are coming in growing numbers like to say, "Easy Money!"

The dancing in town seems to be the same except that there is much better publicity through the blogs. Honolulu Dance Guide for the club dancers has been doing wonders and the proof is in racking up the hits. In Second place and at least fifty points ahead of Oahu And Beyond. There are many non-ballroom dancers that are very interested in the goings on at the Clubs and many are into live music.