Monday, January 21, 2013


It is coming more evident that with all the blogs I have definitely diluted the present readership. I could be patient and wait because the total hits on all of them, though slowed, continues to increase. But no, I will make the changes now.

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees,
under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

And this is mostly blogging by myself. When we get some Guest Authors, wow! The hits will go through the stratosphere. And I can safely make Town Dancer into the first independent blog as Social Media. If I do it right, I can get rid of all the best before I go. I expect to keep Dancing in the Dark until the end.

"A Woman, A Lover, A Friend" - Jackie Wilson

By the end of this month, I will know what to do with Da Blogosphere. I may even change the name. Suggestions as per usual will be welcomed. It may just convert into a big communications board for posting posters from the different dance organizations. Perhaps in the letter size proportions and later reduced to the side bar of 260 or 300 pixels wide.

The information and photo contributors will still be welcomed with open arms and if they wish their contributions to go into other blogs, they can pick the ones they want. These are the most important people that we need at the moment. The reader/dancers always, but the information and photos contributors are what make reader/dancers.

Pub's Side Note; Ordinary Communication Media. To whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. They do their job. Just ain't da reel teeng. Social Media. Comments have been temporarily closed due to Spam comments coming in now. Town Dancer has been reopened, may be clear for now.