Saturday, January 26, 2013

Salsa Competition

Salsa Competitions By German Acevedo,
Mr. Salsa 411 in Los Angeles

I have nothing against the public giving their opinions, the competitors put their stuff out there for people to see, and opinions will be like noses (everyone's got one.) Here's yet another one, my own. I'm really bugged by the competitors themselves (and their team members) complaining about the results and complaining about one another.

"You can't have any successes unless you can accept failure."

Salsa dancing is supposed to be fun, or am I wrong? And a good percentage of these competitors don't appear to be having fun. Not for the ones that hear it (or read it,) not for the ones that it effects and not for the ones that say it.

It is my opinion that only those who can handle the heat without getting ugly should stay in the world of competition. Those who can not, should stay out. Somebody should put a job description pamphlet together to be given to all those considering to join the world of competition.

"Moliendo Café" por Azucar Moreno

This job description should state that if someone puts his/her work out there, he/she should expect to get frank feedback from the public, should expect to lose many times before winning, should expect things to go wrong and should be able to take all in a dignified manner, without whining like a cry-baby and without opting to act like a politician by talking the public against their competition. The job description should encourage those not able to do the above, to reconsider their wishes. Have only the tough ones and the real sports compete, eliminate all the drama and all tears!

For those that realize that they are actually too sensitive to compete, yet know that having people look at them is a must, the job description could give them another option. The world of performing. It could go on to explain that in the world of performance, they would show off how wonderful they are, turn and flip and have others clap at them in awe, get their minute in the sun and only have the pressure to be the best they can be without having to be better than the next.

"Devuelveme Mi Corazon" por Patricia Gamero

It should alert to them that there will be occasions when things go wrong and the possibility of a crowd laughing at them exists. If they can take the potential laughing, they should be fine in this group. No criticizing of the other fellow performance teams would be allowed, in fear that it will dub the behavior exhibited by any bad competitor.

Maybe a pamphlet like that would downsize the amount of drama in the Salsa world? Maybe more people would realize that they got into Salsa to have fun to begin with? Maybe there will be more chance for social dancing and more friendly attitudes, the way it was supposed to be?
I know that some can compete without getting ugly. It's just a matter of everyone recognizing their own limitations. I say those that can keep it real, please go on! Those that take it so damn personally, please don't!

I want to dance in a pimple free Salsa World!  *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: Blog comp. I thought Da Blogosphere would be down to less than 19 per day. It dropped from 29 to 21 and then went up to 23. Surprised. Then I thought Dancing in the Dark would be going good by now and have at least 25 but actually averaging only 6 hits per day. Yes, I am overly diluted in the readership. Gotta play it by ear.