Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Blogosphere Morfs

We are progressing, slowly but surely. I expected this blog to keep going down in hits as I catered to Dancing in the Dark and helped it grow. And it did come down from 29 hits per day to about 21. It then has surprised me and bounced back up to 23. And this is a week end, it should have gone down even farther. If it stays above 20, I will probably change the venue and the name, keep it and let it go as it wishes.

"One can fail forward toward success."

Meanwhile I have been receiving some feedback on the annual "trophy." What trophy? It seems to be for the best. The best what? Man or woman or one for male and one for female? How about couples since we are talking partner dancing? I certainly don't know so I can't say. But more questions are emerging, they always do, and we will get opinions.

"Somewhere Out There" by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram

It was first mentioned last year when there were definite indications that the Dance Pavilion would be built at the Patsy Mink Recreation Park in Waipio. And the scuttlebutt continues, but? The issue is growing in doubt, because of the Rail. Gotta pay for the Rail and the original estimates for the costs on the Rail were 5 billion, and now increasing daily as the Unions and Caldwell figure how to get more money out of it. Could get to ten billion. For sure the entire state will have to help pay for that fiasco. The city government can never afford even half of that.

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Then there is issue of restricting it to American Style of Dance. The Internationals have rules of their own, where they can dance and the places where they dance must follow the rules of the World Dance Council. We are not going to do it their way. We are going to do it our way, and that means leaving the Internationals to their own and they are very well off in that department. They have their own kuleana and we shouldn't interfere.

"Keep Your Hands To Yourself" by Georgia Satellites
And we certainly cannot plan on awarding a trophy without getting plenty of feedback on the many questions that will arise in our dance world. We should make that world as big as possible to include as many as possible without disturbing those that have made it plain that they cannot or do not wish to be a part of our endeavors.

By the end of this year we may know if the rail can be stopped, the salvation of many of us in the entire Hawaiian chain. If so we may get the right buses, and public may be able to get off their cars and onto public transportation without being forced to it. The way they have it planned for the rail now by eliminating many buses that are doing good.

  "Swinging On A Star" - Bing Crosby

As much as we continue to promote social dancing we must also recognize "competition" dancing, but for the West we can make our own rules. We could make it only American with very loose rules so that it would resemble our cultural dance. Paso Doble, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz would automatically be out.

Perhaps even Bolero could be left out. It was originally made up by American Style Dance Teachers. It was the money, Sonny. But we see bolero danced only in exhibitions which is just fine, but not to be included as part of our culture. The International Style already rules the roost where they are in town and we accept that they are too good for us. So let us respect their positions and give our people a chance.