Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New Look

Just a few days into the new year and things are already looking different according to my stats. And I am getting more confident in what they tell me. No one in the entire Pacific has the stats that I do. It is not that they can't, it is that they won't.

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people."

The Club Dancers astound me, there seems to be a lot more of them than I thought. Town Dancer had been the number one blog in hits from the very beginning with Oahu And Beyond in second place. Last year, Honolulu Dance Guide went back and forth with Oahu And Beyond and finally in December took over definitely as the number two blog.

This year it is now firmly number one ahead of Town Dancer. Of course, it has all depended on the Information and Photo Contributors for all the blogs. The importance of that factor has become quite simple. The Club Dancers are more willing to share with each other which makes for very good and interesting dance reading.

"Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy" - Red Foley

Two things holding our possible Guest Authors back. They think they must go for the Pulitzer in Journalism and the intensive commitment that they think is required. And we have gone over that a few times. NOT! Then most Web sites covering the clubs are two, three weeks behind. Whereas Honolulu Dance Guide is up to date. Big difference.

The nightclub remains about the same and the entire enchilada still hinges on the 20th century thinking of making it on the Bar tab. Not anymore. There are so many places on the Mainland now that have full featured juice bars. Dancers just naturally get thirsty, but in a Nightclub on Oahu, they insist you drink alcohol. What you may want is of no interest to them. It's the bread, Fred. And only from Alcoholic drinking. Auwe!

I went to one on New Year's Eve and paid nine dollars for a glass a little larger than thimble. And that afternoon I had purchased (on special) a 1.75 liter bottle of Bacardi for 19.95. Yeah, I like that? Of course, at the bar they had few buyers. I would suggest changing the prices to $20 a glass and bring the entire bar structure to a screeching halt.  So we lives and we learns.

Our Dancing Marches On.

Pub's Side Note: Through these blogs read the most informed cultural dancers in the Pacific.

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