Saturday, January 5, 2013

The New Year Is Shaping Up

It is taking a little while that the new blog Dancing in the Dark will have a new look. It will look more like a Web site and be converted into my own personal blog. Beating the bushes for all the other blogs and trying to get guest authors to make each blog an independent entity.

"Dancing can reveal all the mystery that music conceals." ~Charles Baudelaire

I have nice job ahead of me. The biggest difficulty is the deterioration of the bus system that at one time was one of the best. Standing up from Nanakuli to town is not the best way to go. I cannot travel as easily as I could before the City decided to punish the riders. But as they say in "Transportation" those are all ethnics (sub-humans.) But the unions, Caldwell and PRP have taken over. The real corruption begins and many are becoming aware of it.

Some of you have been steady readers for a long time. If you think I should add someone or something to the Dancing in the Dark blog, please send it in. Most anyone can get my email, I just cannot include it here because of the spam. This year will be very good when we get more people and their very valuable opinions in the blogs. I see no limit to the readership, throughout the Pacific Rim too. Our group gets larger every day and we welcome you all. Meanwhile, check out Oahu - West blog. Willy Dionisio sent in some nice photos and it turned out into a very nice blog with a Happy New Year for everyone.

Pub's Side Note: "Of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers" All the dancers? Of course not, they do not all want to be involved and we must respect.