Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The entire enchilada is moving slowly but all in the right direction. Dancing in the Dark is beginning to get a few hits even though still not in the search engines. I am beginning to transfer over more steady functions to that blog. And one of the things that Web sites are good at, is the exhibition of photos.

"Yes, it was in the news, that brushing alone will not prevent cavities. There are
an awful lot of us that brush alone, what should we do? Get a companion?"

So I will probably have to set something up in Dancing in the Dark so that it need be updated only two or three times per month. The emphasis is to get blogs away from anything like Face book. At present they have 250 million photos uploaded daily.

Hey, let's get real. These are blogs and the text is very, very important, besides the fact that each group will represent a unique view.  I will have to define the best photos, which will be four to seven people and preferably not in a Peas in a Pod kind. We will go over that slowly. I have plenty of photos from the other blogs to make the initial test. We will be getting suggestions as we go along. The reader/dancers will decide. And I am willing to take the heat for the ones that I post.

"Ballerina" - Vaughn Monroe

This year we skipped the "Good People" part in the Oahu - West blog and no one complained so that we can hold off on that until we make some kind of set up in the Dancing in the Dark. Perhaps the photos of the special couple with a short Bio. Names, Resident location, length of dance experience. Clubs.

Then I will include occasional you tube videos with the terrific music that I enjoy to share with our fellow reader/dancers. Unfortunately for some it will be the goodies from my time. I will eventually put them on disk in digital format so that they can be copied to a computer and with some good speakers you can have the music and the show to play at your leisure.

So it is evolving that Dancing in the Dark will be more like a Web site and have less hits simply because it will not be up to date. It is taking time so that it may be a few months before I decide which one of the blogs will be deleted. Needless to say, the blog most indicated will take a new life with just one Guest Author. Experience has given me a little knowledge. Of course, someone may want a going blog and they could have it. I could always coach them on the process.

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