Sunday, February 24, 2013

Da Latest Scoop

Good news, Richie Fun is back in the blogging game with two good write ups in the two town blogs. One in Town Dancer and one in Oahu And Beyond. Both town blogs have lost a lot of hits in the past month and I look forward to regaining some before this month is over. One more Guest Author in either one will do the trick. Many are thinking about it but few want the commitment. Actually there is no commitment.

"We ought to dance with rapture that we might be alive…
and part of the living, incarnate cosmos." - D.H. Lawrence

The other is that Dance Hawaii is cooperating with us to get the information to the reader/dancers. And I went personally to the Anniversary Dance at the Pacific Beach Hotel on Saturday night. The report on the Fun Crowd on the Saturday night extravadanza is in the Oahu And Beyond blog of Sunday. I made two good possible contacts there, hopefully they may contribute what our reader/dancers want.

"Near You" - Andrews Sisters

I have also been invited to the dance at the Waipahu United Visayan Hall and I hope to make my usual small report and get a few photos to balance out a nice blog. Then we must make contact all around and see about getting more information and photo contributors that are willing to share with their fellow dancers. They will eventually become the most important cog in our blogging world.

Fortunately, our reader/dancers are slowly coming about. They are helping to define our type of dancing as our own. Cultural Dancing is doing the same basic movements to the music of your choice. It is not dancing to be dancing. Those are different people. It is moving to the music of your choice.

That is why, most cultural dancers learn that they must listen to the music first. And many times the lyrics are very important too, specially in Spanish. The original song Importe Moi in French by Alain Barriere was beautiful. But the name change to "Y Volvere" and the lyrics in Spanish changed the complexity of the feeling in dancing to it and it was completed with a real rumba rhythm. Now you could move to that and enjoy it to the fullest. Fifty Years ago and still one of the best.

Pub's Side Note: The rail disarray and discombobulation continues. Does anybody know anything? But I mean really?

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