Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Frisco Rail

San Francisco went through so many hassles just to build a rail. The contractors were spending plenty for propaganda. Much the same situation as in Honolulu. They went ahead even when more than a few realized it was a disaster to begin with. No one wanted to "waste" that money already spent. So they built it, and big profits were made by the money takers, just like it is planned on Oahu.

And then they saw the results, few users wanted the humbug of going to a rail station even after they lowered the monthly parking fees. There was high maintenance cost with new experts and like Honolulu, half of the regular maintenance people were laid off. And it looked horrible, so after another terrible time, they tore it down and went back to good new buses.

Industrial Park in Ewa. 2000 employees. 2000 less cars on
the freeway to town, 2000 less cars in Honolulu congestion
and 2000 less cars coming back. Not only that but,
"I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

This has happened in several cities. In some it has been left up because they do not have the money to tear it down. So no one uses them anymore, they just collect cobwebs and dust, similar to the Waikiki Natatorium. Right now we can pin the rail on Hanneman, and Caldwell. They, along with the Unions, hired the malpractice crooks. The minor ones were just accessories, puppets. The big ones are the ones we must get rid of the hard way.

With these articulated buses on the #40 line, we could been on our way to good traffic on the freeways. This was seen by the rail people and they cut back on all the buses drastically.

Throughout the world organizations are trying to find ways to get people off their cars and on to public transportation. But forcing them is not the answer. You must make bus riding comfortable. When they first bought the Articulated buses (one tandem) everyone liked them. The city realized that too. But the rail and the big bucks come first. The results are the worst mess anyone has every seen on this island. Everyone now riding the bus is thinking of "when" they get the chance to buy a car, but "cattle cars" are out.

100 less cars right in front of each bus. The drivers
are "seated" in the bus. "And I could get the bus right
around the corner where I always got it." In Honolulu,
the ivory towers ask, "Why seats? Let'em all stand up."

Now the Chinese are not stupid. They have tested and tested and have come up with an even better bus, the Bi-Articulated bus. Five times more effective than rail, and at one tenth the cost. But on Oahu, Hanneman and Caldwell are for the big big bucks. The drivers are all "sitting" in the bus, not as cattle. No one in the Department of Transportation is aware of this. They are still in the 20th century.

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