Saturday, February 9, 2013

Moving Again

The transportation situation on the Waianae Coast continues to deteriorate and everyone agrees, that with the new Caldwell administration, it is going to get worse. Naturally. So I have been making inquiries, perhaps I have to move elsewhere so I can get around a little easier. I have already met people that are moving from the Waianae area because of the rail screw up. We already lost one of our fellow tenants, she was on a wheel chair and moved to Kaneohe. No rail tragedy to worry about over there, maybe.

"Behind every great idea, every significant achievement, every important accomplishment is a full wastebasket. Or a cluttered blackboard. Or a doodled up legal pad. Or a deleted blog."

I have even been advised that Maui might even be better. They don't have a top notch bus system but they don't have "cattle cars" either. As the Grabauskaus gallery says, "They are just ethnics and don't really matter." I have looked over my needs and in Kahului, they have the VA. I need that. Wailuku is nearby, and Lahaina is closer than Honolulu from Nanakuli.

I could leave the other blogs here and just take Dancing in the Dark with me, and perhaps Nanakuli Ridge, (just change the name.) The only thing that would change would be my phone number and the email would remain the same. I have to look at all my options. At my age it would be a whole new panorama to admire in Paradise. And the VA can keep me going for a few more years.

I am waiting to hear from Catholic Charities, I sent them their regular donation yesterday and maybe I can decide on something by next week. Meanwhile, all the blogs have to regain the hits they have lost due to something in the Google Analytics that is messing up the works. One of these days I am going to get some help and roll over Town Dancer into independence. Just need a couple good Guest Authors.

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