Thursday, February 21, 2013


There is a definite flicker in the West, even though the Rail Fiasco is looming even worse. The rents are going up on the Waianae Coast and of course, that is going to bring business down. But they voted for the Rail Disaster and they are stuck with  it.

Blogger's Law #36B:
"If you don't care where you are, you ain't lost."

Oahu - West blog is showing the best promise at the moment but don't hold your breath. Kapolei Chapter HBDA is struggling and Mililani is not interested. There may be some interest in Pearlridge and Aliamanu Chapter but it is still in doubt. Must be patient. We have been invited to Dance Hawaii dance at the United Visayan in Waipahu, Saturday, March 2nd. Hopefully we can make a nice write up and get some good photos of and for the reader/dancers.

Central Valley is at a stand still, just holding its head above water. There may be something breaking there soon. On the other hand, we may get definite news this week about the cancellation of the Dance Pavilion to pay for the Rail Chaos, whatta mess.

Nanakuli Ridge is definitely on hold. There is nothing moving there and with the deterioration of the buses on the Waianae Coast, everything is going to pot. Our legislators don't have a clue. And this is only the beginning. As the big money makers say, "You ain't seen nuttin' yet!" It's the bread, Fred.

Blogger's Law #41:
"All gossip at the Palladium is true. Do not be misled by facts."

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