Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Slow Changes

Looks like I am going slow enough. This blog will now be known as the Ewa Bus Step where I can have more news on the Rail Disaster. The West may not be coming up as good as it was, so, Ewa Bus Stop will handle the three blogs in the West, Central Valley, Oahu - West and Nanakuli Ridge. They will have to kokua more with each other with the distinct possibility that I may eliminate Nanakuli Ridge blog.

"Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident -
it happens by choice,"

The hits will help to tell me the story. The new side bar with the Mini Web Sites will have the three west side blogs to begin. Just click the name to see what is in there. Other groups will be added eventually. The ones that do not already have a Web site would be  perfect. And we have dropped the initial cost from $10,000 down to $9999.95 but that is only if you hurry. Hey, we are getting advice on how to run a business!

The music in each blog, may or may not be accepted, I do not know. For now the silence has been deafening. I will have patience. The slide show will only be in Dancing in the Dark. Then I hope to post the Good Teachers and Good People section in Dancing in the  Dark and alternate from one to the other every month. Dancing in the Dark will also have a new side bar with Mini Web Sites. The first two will be Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond and we will eventually add additional groups.

Dancing in the Dark will control mainly the two Town blogs because those blogs have the most potential hits and would therefore be more likely to go independent. Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond must go. I can phase myself out of there and concentrate on the West side. I guarantee they will do very nicely on their own.

Pub's Side Note: Went to town today and the rail debris and dirtiness gets worse on the bus. Packed to the gills and our legislators don't have a clue. Guy right in front me telling his buddy, "Boy when I get my car next week, I won't have to put up with this shit."

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