Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Reader/Dancers

Yes, we need more, but, of course, first we need the information and the photos necessary to make it interesting for the reader/dancers. Should be clear enough for everyone. But I realize I am making a little contact here and there and I must be patient.

"There are over 2800 religions in the world. How can
you be so sure that yours is the only right one?

There are two big definite groups of dancers that seem to be interested in the promotion of our type of dance. Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association and Dance Hawaii Inc. The nucleus may be there, specially in the West and we can expand to include any others that wish to participate in our endeavors. This is not a one way communication deal. It is not there yet but it will definitely be a give and share deal, it will eventually become social media.

"CariƱito Azucarado" by Angelica Valle

Regardless of the general misunderstanding, there is no commitment whatsoever. It is entirely up to you when and where and how much to contribute in information and photos. There are no meetings of any kind. There are no annual or monthly dues. And you get in with whatever, whenever you damn well please. Are we being a little too strict?

What will happen, since every one of our blogs has a counter, is that the hits will go up tremendously. That means that we will all know that more dancers are interested and we are spreading the word. And our main base is the social dancer, the recreational, popular, cultural and universal dancer.

We are not the ones interested in exhibitions or competition dancing. Those are OP (other people) and we should respect their wishes. We dance for the pure unadulterated pleasure of movement to the music of our choice.

So two of the biggest obstacles remaining are in finding place to dance where they don't charge and arm and a leg to reduce the disaster of the Rail. Costs on everything already going up all over just because of the Rail catastrophe. There are going to be some big, big profits in that thing. For 100 million you could buy one hundred tandem buses that could solve the problem. That is one tenth of a billion. And the rail as now generally conceded could cost Eight Billion Dollars. Somebody said ten? It's the money, Sonny.

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