Friday, February 1, 2013

The Stats in Oahu And Beyond blog

For sure now there seems to be a consistency of where all the blogs stand in relation to one another. And they will be slowly adjusting to the different influences around them. Town Dancer leads with hits in the 180 average per day. It is also leading in total hits, having reached the 120000 hit mark several weeks ago.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."

This blog hits are followed by Honolulu Dance Guide and Oahu And Beyond. Much lower down are "others" The same problems remain, convincing the readers that these blogs are not electronic newsletters. I would like these blogs to become real "social media." This means more participation by the reader/dancers and more opinions and their personal photos to be recorded and available for anyone in our blogosphere to see and to read. It will take time.

"Ebony And Ivory" by Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder

I am just making contact with Google+ but not sure if it is doing any good. I am also getting some other blogs to learn and perhaps make use of them in distributing information. I don't know much of what I am doing yet. But I do write something in there now & then to let them know about our blogs. It is a start.

Another thing, it "seems" as though the downward trend of Ballroom Dancers in the last 20 years has stopped and is increasing again. People are getting interested in moving to music again. The dance clubs are increasing in number and the old Ballroom stuff is now going through a transformation, since the Internationals have taken over the term "Ballroom."

However, on Oahu it also means that the dancers in West Oahu are going to significantly help to increase the total dancers, once we get places where we can dance. If so we should expect to see us recover and approach the 2% figure in a very few years. This means 20,000 dancers in the State of Hawaii and 80% will be Cultural Dancers.

This is specially true where we are finding out that cooperation is far more effective than competition among the different factions. The old time methods are now obsolete and we are getting better thinking among the younger people that are taking over. Remember that.  "Kokua is much better than bitter competition."