Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Contendah that coulda been Champ.

Buses are large-capacity vehicles, and they are made to transport a number of passengers. They are very common yet useful vehicles. Though they come in many forms, they are almost the same with regard to their structural and mechanical features. So that to get new buses does not require a new maintenance department as a rail does. The decline in buses is to gradually reduce the need for such a large bus maintenance department and then, getting the new Rail Experts (cost big bucks) to come in and take over.

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than
sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

So how do you identify what kind of bus you are riding? The single-decker bus also known as the "shortie" bus is the most common bus. In most places, it is known as a transit bus. It has a two-row seating capacity that could range up to 50-plus. On Oahu, all have air conditioning systems which at times may get a little too cold. But the #403 that goes all around Nanakuli and ends up the Waianae Transit is so perfect, no one has ever been known to complain. There are small route local buses all over the island doing the same terrific job of it.

Who said? "It's the cash, Nash."

The regular "Shortie  bus has been overburdened on the longer distances making it very uncomfortable for the users of that type of transportation. The worse it gets, the more people are looking to use other means of transportation. In Waianae the auto repair shops are working over time because of the present #40 bus calamity. That is the biggest problem on Oahu.

With just two hundred of these Articulated buses on the
roads of Oahu, we could have eliminated the freeway
problems. Comfortable "seated" passengers would
have been the pleasant results.
The Articulated bus arrives and it has a design similar to that of single-decker bus, only that articulated bus is longer (approximately 18 meters). It has two sections connected by a joint that can be bent. It is also known by other names such as tandem bus or accordion bus. But what makes it unique is that, though longer and has larger seating capacity than the shortie and it can turn easily in street corners.

If need be just a few of these Bi-Articulated buses
(two tandems) would have done it. Those millions and
millions  of dollars being spent on HART, would not have
been needed or used. That is costing plenty right now.

Yes, there are plenty more people trying to stop the hemorrhaging of money that is costing so much for everyone. Specially because the citizens of this community do not need the Rail Disaster.

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