Thursday, March 28, 2013

Moving Right Along

This blog continues to amaze me, for at one time I pondered as to when to delete it and now it is moving along so good. Even though in some Web sites it is still touted as Da Blogsphere. They will come around. It is establishing a name for itself now. I try to review the other blogs in the West.

"For us, the real searchers of truth, we will
not receive the old because it is old,
or reject the new because it is new."

Oahu West is moving right along too. It is now solidly over the magic 34 average hits per day. (1000 hits per month.) I am in process of trying to get a person that can feel independent enough to input for his/her fellow dancers regardless of their club affiliations. One that can feel it to comment on the dance doings of their friends at any dance function.

Central Valley just needs more input from the existing dance entities that are already there. Of course we welcome any new ones that may come along. What about the North Shore Line Dancers?

"Se Acabo" por Lucia Mendez

Sea Country was the old Nanakuli Ridge blog but just not enough people there with the understanding of a blog function. So we will gradually establish it for the Nanakuli, Lualualei and Maili sectors and see what we can pick up. It will remain as a banner blog to tout all the other dance blogs for the present. Basically what NxNW Oahu blog will be doing on the North by North West shore.

The entire blog set up is just about in place. Now we just need the fleshing out with the regular Information and Photo Contributors and then phasing over into Guest Authors, where they can blog on their own, without having to say "boo" to anyone. And the last phase will be the complete independence of the blog and taken over completely by the Bloggers.

I will eventually retire to "Bailando" and help the others only when asked. The reader/dancers on these Islands will be well provided with the information and photos that will make the entire enchilada, Social Media.

Pub's Sided Note: I have just read about North Korea. Within 12 hours of their first attempt, Pyongyang and three million people will disappear from this earth. This with just three of our big ones. Does anyone know? And we have a few more that will effectively make South Korea into a new Island.

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