Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nic Nacs

The entire West is very slowly going up, by inches, but still "UP." That looks and feels like solid ground for our beginnings. The photos and write ups on the dance functions seem to be the biggest attraction to tuning in to our blogs. We have to sit back and digest that information. And do something about it.

"The truth is that "hate speech" is only
to those who have something to hide."

Our organizations must find places where we can dance socially. The schools have to make more money because the funding will be less to pay for the Rail Fiasco. Community Centers would be the most obvious answer but for some reason we don't dance in Community Centers. Maybe the cost is too high. In Town and Hawaii Kai, sometimes they dance in the Malls. And Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club has a nice place to dance at the Wahiawa District Park.

"Maybe" - Ink Spots

The biggest action in Nightclubs is in the Pearlridge, Aiea area. But nothing resembling our type of dancing. We would need bigger dance floors. And somebody that wouldn't rely on the bar tab to pay the overhead and that means a cover. They have to understand the type of music required and it is somewhat different than what the have now which is for a younger crowd.

The old Salt Lake shopping center would be a perfect spot for a dance nightclub. Not too many residences nearby, and very accessable to the West Honolulu crowd, from Town to Kalihi. And Salt Lake itself has quite a population. With the biggest factor, "I coulda been home in twenty minutes."

The biggest goof up in this entire section is the Rail Mess, which is having a negative impact so soon. Everyone seems to understand that there will be less buses to force the people to use the Rail Humiliation. How's that for a Rail that they say is "needed." They tell good joke.

"There! I've Said It Again" - Vaughn Monroe

Today I took the number 93 bus that leaves Alapai Transit Center at 3:00 pm. Perfect bus. One empty seat, which is the maximum in efficiently for public transportation. The guy sitting next to me reading his paper and he says there is car missing right in front of this bus, because he is "sitting" in the bus. That is supposed to be the idea. How to get people off of their cars and onto public transportation.

You have to make it comfortable. It isn't comfortable when you are forced. I got home in Nanakuli, at 4:00 pm. The rail calamity is never going to beat that in a million years. No rail station, I get off the bus right around the corner where I always got off.  Dumb Dodos know this, they gonna cut down this bus. Yes we all know, it's the money, Sonny. Da Huge Profits!

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