Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photographs are necessary

The slide show in the "Bailando" blog has now gone over 40 photos. I have received only one suggestion, "hold it." Perhaps I should put a top number and gradually get rid of the old ones.

"The Truth is heavy, therefore few care to carry it."

On the other hand I am taking more photos on the West Side of this island so perhaps the time has come for a slide show on this blog for the west side dancers, I can run up forty photos for them too without too much backlash. Maybe even bring both down to about 35, I will play it by ear.
"Buttons And Bows" - Dinah Shore

I am getting the photos that are the most interesting. The best ones at the moment are the three couples, but five or six people at random are just fine. They give the distinction of having more than one person at the dance function. Seven or eight is just fine, but over this, no names are required and it just does its job by showing that people were there.

Sometimes, two couples will do when they are well known members of the dance community and it is some special occasion for them. Then there is the collage of many similar type photos. Required when we do not have enough text to balance the photos.

It's all in your mind and imagination. One cannot just keep doing the same thing. One needs constantly to innovate and discover new ways of doing what you've been doing. See and feel things from different angles and in different ways. Hopefully you will eventually be willing to share your good photos with your fellow dancers.

"Ballerina" - Vaughn Monroe

Not last nor least, you need to keep doing it with the same subjects such as those at our dance functions. The better you know your fellow dancers the better your results will be. Try to see what they want.

Photography captures a moment in time. Later we can go back to the moment through the photos. In a blog they are just temporary but without photography it's all just words or drawings.

Pub's Side Note: The rail has resulted in chaos for the entire island already and it hasn't even been fully approved. You can imagine the mess when they really get started to make those billions and billions of dollars in profits.

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