Sunday, March 3, 2013


The neighbor islands seem to have been having a ball this weekend. Parties, dances, and shows all over. Specially Maui and the Big Island but are a little tight with the information. We just got a good email from Rae-Marie on Kauai and I posted parts in the Oahu And Beyond blog of Sunday.

"People stumble over the truth from time to time,
but most pick themselves up and hurry off
as if nothing happened."

However I am still having trouble getting information direct for publication to our reader/dancers. I get photos, only for commercial publicity purposes and an occasional ego kind, (one person or couple.) I do get plenty of email flyers with long advertising and selling points, complicated schedules, and plenty of pricing. It was considered dead meat in the Web circuit here five or six years ago, no hits.
"Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall" -
Ella Fitzgerald & the Ink Spots

I have never been able to convince many people that single photos are dime a dozen. Couples are a quarter a dozen. and the price goes up. Eight people and it is about Ten Thousand dollars, just to look at it. Ten people and it comes down to Five Thousand dollars and it keeps going down. At 20 people in the picture it is back down to dime a dozen. This is simple economics.

The average hits of all the blogs per day, have come down significantly, but I have effectively diluted the readership. If the possible reader/dancers cannot communicate pertinent information to me, I am limited in publishing what social media must have. If I, in turn, do not get the hits, then there is ample evidence of wasted time. I will hold all of them a little longer than usual and concentrate more on getting the right Guest Authors for the blogs.

"A Tree In The Meadow" - Margaret Whiting

Fortunately in blogging we don't really have any deadlines and if you don't get the information or photos for today's blog it can go in the next one. I am very busy getting Town Dancer and Oahu and Beyond going in the right direction and setting them up for my eventual retirement from running those two. I still feel, I have done the best I can and I know it is not much. I have tried my utmost to communicate. I am still doing it and I am certain that we will eventually have Social Media.


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