Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's Doin'?

It is becoming clearer from my stats that the most effective way to increase the blog hits is a good write up and photos of a dance function. Way ahead of anything else that goes into a blog. And even more effective is that some of the new readers stick around to check in now and then. So the overall hits on all the blogs keeps going up and we get closer everyday to becoming social media.
"Tough, some minds are like concrete, thoroughly mixed up
and permanently set."

The notice before the fact is merely accepted as about 20% informative and the rest is advertising. What happened at the function is what is interesting for the readers. And the individual writer does not seem to be that important to the readers. They want the reporting facts. So we definitely do not need someone who is preparing to go for the Pultizer.

"Maria Elena" by Jimmy Dorsey

Fortunately many of our dance organizations are willing to share this information with the various blogs out there and that keeps the blogs quite viable in hits. And keeps the organizations dominant in the scene. That is Public Relations. And the information and photo contributions are very much appreciated by the reader/dancers. This includes Club dancing and any other dance exhibitions as has been proven by Frank's and the other blogs.

Nanakuli Ridge blog becomes Waianae Coast blog on April first on the Mini Web Site first. "It coulda been a contendah." Then the first blog of Waianae Coast will have the official name change. I will let it evolve into a blog for the Waianae Coast if it wants to. The readers will decide.

"Tangerine" by Jimmy Dorsey

Dancing to the beat seems to be the high class dancers. They can even just dance to a metronome. In fact some have informed me that dancing can be just a spirited moving that can be enjoyed by anyone without any music. Perhaps they are right in their interpretations, we should not be so dogmatic.

But for most of us in the Popular dance scene, the music is first, and after we hear the music, then, is when we want to move to it. And in Hawaii, as cultural dancers we will dance the way we want to dance and not the way someone from on high dictates we should dance.

"Nostalgias" by Placido Domingo

Pub's Side Note; Updated my stats and the bottom blog that needs the advertising is "Bailando" You cannot get it from Dance Fever Oahu yet, so the only way is direct from the search engines or using the links in the side bars of these blogs.  Check it out.

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