Monday, April 22, 2013

Competition Dancing in the West

Perhaps we can explore competition dancing a little for the dancers in the West, just to demonstrate some interesting points. Dancesport denotes competitive ballroom dancing, as contrasted to social or exhibition dancing. In this century the International Dancers had second thoughts and decided that the term Ballroom really belongs to them as an artform. And most everyone agrees with them.

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Dancesport events are sanctioned and regulated by dancesport organizations at the national and international level, such as the World Dance Council and the name was invented to help competitive ballroom dancing gain Olympic recognition. The term dancesport applies only to the International Style of competitive ballroom (often referred to as Standard or Modern) dancing and Latin dancing.

Today, it includes the following style categories: Standard, Latin and Ten Dance. These categories apply to both individual couples and formation dance. It is clear that those interested in going into competitions should get into the International Style of Dance.

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At most competitions, the circumstances in which you dance are very controlled — you know the dance you’re doing, who you’re dancing with (your partner), the level at which the others are dancing (your class or difficulty level), the time you’re on the floor (a single heat is usually only a few minutes long), the steps to do (the syllabus), and the music is a certain tempo (set by rules).

Spectators are usually other dancers, who appreciate the hard work involved, and because of television there has been an increasing amount of these other people, a new spectator group. Let anyone enjoy spectating if they wish, and there is an awareness ofan increasing amount of "amateur judges" in the field of spectating.

The real judges are those looking for specific, predefined things to put into your score. So you’re doing a controlled thing (dancing) in a controlled environment (at a competition) for predefined reasons (where do you rate on the scoring sheet?) for an audience who knows something about what you’re doing.

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