Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Environments

New Place to dance: Kalihi seems to be a dead place to dance but  it doesn't have to be. Now Dance Hawaii will be having their "Come Dance With Us" at Puuhale Elementary School. May be the start of a new era as a place to dance, in the company of some nice people.

You gotta give these people an "E" for effort. There will be dancing in the West and all we have to do is recruit the right people and evolve a group of friends, neighbors and fellow dancers.  With a place to dance we can develop a nice group of compatible dancers. Kalihi is the perfect place for it.

If we cannot find a place to dance, we shall dance in the streets.

Is the West is slowing down?

The increase in the population of West Oahu as a bedroom community had been proceeding on schedule for the last ten years. But there is considerable evidence that it is slowing down. The real estate market is not doing as well as the Eastern part of the island. And the answer points, at the "Rail Catastrophe." The people voted and they are now stuck with the biggest rip-off of the citizens of the these islands. Now, they have to pay the piper.

The big deal in the Ewa Plain is becoming a no-no. Putzing around with the Rail Tragedy, with plans to cut the buses and forcing everyone to use the Rail. Hey, Hey, Hey. And more than that we are well aware that some people are going to make billions and billions of dollars in profits. Much of it going to Mainland people. Grabauskaus, for the rail, is now the highest paid employee in the city administration, more than the Mayor and the Governor put together. Talk about a con job. Carlisle got his orders, and now Caldwell will get his too. It's the bread, Fred, and we are talking billions!

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