Sunday, April 7, 2013

Social Dance Groups

The first Oahu social dance club on record was Aiea Ballroom Dance Club which spun off an independent Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association in Town. Then we had Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club in Wahiawa and these three have had a long time standing tradition in the West. Of course, Honolulu is the capital of the State of Hawaii, so most of the action developed there.
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People joined in primary social relationships as anywhere else and spent a great deal of time together, engaged in a wide range of dancing activities, and they usually felt that they knew one another well. In short, they showed real concern for one another.

Lately they have been joined by Dance Hawaii and all of them are mostly geared to the American Style of Dance. They also find it easy to dance in most Night Club envir-onments. However, some night club enthusiasts still confuse them with the International Dancers simply because they do not know the difference.

Specially since the Internationals have recently seized the name ballroom as their very own. All we can do is be patient. See Calvin Ota's latest on the competitions in Los Angeles. (Town Dancer blog.) Those people are enjoying ballroom dancing in their own way. They certainly have that right.

"Honky Tonk Women" by the Rolling Stones

Most social dance clubs established themselves as oligarchies, though in most cases, "benevolent" oligarchies. From the Greek, Olig, meaning few and Anarchy, meaning rule. There is little democracy in the organizations and they are prone to rot from strong cliques established within. This has already happened to most of the social dance clubs on this Island, simply because no one seems to know why this is happening.

Once they know who the members of the cliques are, the rest is relatively easy. From the height at the beginning of the Palladium most clubs had lost 50%  of the membership by the new century. Fortunately some clubs have already done very well in regaining their lost footing. Some are still trying to find a way out and do not realize yet what they are doing wrong. The new ones coming in realize that the more private you get, the more you will lose. Those are the rules.

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