Friday, May 17, 2013


Our Reader/dancers can be divided into several classes. Now that we think there are twenty thousand readers in our blogosphere, these are all approximate figures just to get an idea in print.

"It is of course possible to dance a prayer."
~Glade Byron Addams

AAA class: These are less than two hundred very good people. They include the Guest authors, and their fellow travelers, and they tune in perhaps two or three times a week. They also help in getting information, to all our reader/dancers by contact with the Guest Authors.

They recognize the publicity value to their club or group. They know they are getting some new kind of newsletter, at little cost, not only for their membership but for a larger group of dancers. They are the ones that are slowly developing these blogs into real "social media." They are the meat and potatoes of these blogs.

"With A Song In My Heart" by Al Martino

Since these people are getting to realize the real value in a personal opinion and their personal photos on a social dance blog, we will get the future Guest Authors from this group. A very solid group and good for everyone.

AA class: Maybe 400 possibles, and they read most blogs maybe once a week. They are very busy in their own personal involvements, they like to dance and are able to converse about the dance environment and the blogs at times. They do not have much time to help anywhere else.

"96 Tears" by ? & the Mysterians

A class: Maybe 600 possibles. They are readers of an occasional blog and interested viewers of exhibition dancers but are not necessarily passionate dancers. They are mildly interested in promoting ballroom dancing. They are primarily interested in their own social group and in their own dance environment. They continue in the way they have been doing it, for maybe 30, 40 years.

B class: Another 800 are dancer/viewers, and just have very little interest in the outside working of the dance environment. They do dabble but very carefully so that they never get really involved. They are not enemies. Many are fans of show business dancing. But this whole blogosphere could be rather extraneous. Clubs have their own newsletters, Their members have their own reading matter elsewhere. They got along very nicely without these extraneous things for 50 years and can probably get along another 50 years without them.

"Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the
state of the soul's weather to all who can read it."
 ~Martha Graham

C class are the rest of the dancing environment, they are simply not that interested. Many are just computer and Internet challenged. We don't know much about them and most will remain there. For most organizers, they are just a part of the herd and not much is done for them. But we believe that they all have every right to their opinions. For us, they simply count as human beings and we make an effort to find what they like. But it has been their decision and they are stuck with it, and we must be on our way.

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