Monday, May 6, 2013

Rail Disaster Getting Worse

Of course, now they are thinking of letting HART (the Rail Tragedy) take over from Oahu Transit and then downsize Oahu Transit for a year and then dissolve them completely, Yoshioka has to go. Much as they are going to do when they establish the new Rail Maintenance Division and then downsize the present maintenance department and eventually dissolve it. Lotta high priced Haoles being imported from the mainland.

"The new Rail political machine has shut up truth and buried
it under the ground. But it will grow, and gather to itself
such explosive power that the day it bursts through it
will blow up everything in its way."
They are not doing much but already running up the money spent just on salaries alone for the imported engineers. Some are predicting the running out of money as early as next year. No hu hu, we have to let the people on the North Shore and on the Windward side pay a little more for this Rail Catastrophe.

Oahu coulda been a contendah, with just double the Articulated
buses they have now, no need for the Rail Mess. Proven fact,
buses are one tenth the cost and five times more efficient.

Little known fact is that the Federal Transit Authority is pro- bus, not pro-rail. So how come the OK for Federal funds from the Feds? They got some arm-twisting from a Senate committee and that's politics not good for the people. That committee will rue the day they messed up so many people in the Hawaiian Islands just to make money for the few.

Three on the Waianae Coast, and three north of the freeway, Kapolei -Waipahu. Ten thousand less people on the freeways and in downtown traffic. And "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." The freeway would not be empty, there would be a few cars. Voted down by the Rail Disaster people, naturally, its the cash, Nash.

On the Waianae Coast, they already know that the rail is a block on the road and not any help at all for the commuters. The low class don't count, the high ivory towers and the new Rail Tragedy Political Machine are what count.

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