Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Night Life

In West Oahu, the nearest thing we have to "da reel teeng" is at Dot's in Wahiawa but it is not "supported" the way it could be. It helps that there are other drinking locations in Wahiawa so that it establishes a rudimentary night life. Perhaps something like this could be introduced in Ewa, just a few more drinking places. There seems to be only one drinking oasis in Kapolei, so there is almost no night life there yet. Waianae Coast has only one and that is for the military. We have a long way to slide. All this has to be fleshed out.

"If you can not find the truth right where you are,
where else do you expect to find it?"

Of course a good central location would be in Waipio even if they have no drinking oasis there at all now. With effective advertising, they could get customers from as far north as Whitmore Village, as far south as Ewa Beach, as far West as Kapolei and as far East as Salt Lake. That covers a lot of ground. Time will tell.

2000 employees in Ewa but voted down by the Rail Party.
2000 less cars on the freeway going to town. 2000
 less cars in the traffic congestion in Honolulu and 2000
less cars coming back. But its the bread, Fred.

Of  course Ewa was on its way however the Rail Calamity fell on them and they are pretty well sunk for ten years. With a small Industrial Park, Ewa "coulda been a contendah." Tough. But Kapolei lost too and now Waianae is trying do something. They may be the answer because only 28 people so far would be riding the Rail every day.

Ten per cent the cost of Rail, five times more efficient and think of all the cars missing right in front of each bus. The drivers "sitting" comfortable inside the bus. Thinking throughout the civilized world, but not here. Everyone can see the "cattle" cars.

The last mainlander wise guy with a white shirt and a tie told me that when they get the Rail going it will be able to transport 22000 passengers per hour. I don't question him. But I thought it over and figured if true, we could evacuate the Waianae Coast including the entire city of Kapolei in an hour and a half. How about that?

Amazing! Just what we need. Ivory Tower Dumb Dodos. Yes I know, its the Money, Sonny. Big Big Profits those mainlanders are making even now. Lucky we can afford it. And when you think how much it cost them to buy almost the entire city council. Wow!