Monday, June 3, 2013

The Private Bus

The Ivory Towers of the Rail Calamity are not aware, that the users of public transportation will not use the Rail Mess. Some will be forced, but of course many are already looking for alternate less cumbersome methods. And the Rail is a real humbug with station parking at $300 per month. Riding by bus or car to a rail station and going through that hassle everyday is for the birds. Not to mention getting to the rail station in town and then trying go get where you want to go. You could move to Maui.

"It is a fine thing to be honest,
but it is also very important to be right."

So the Taxi Companies are looking into this. Starting from the cost of a taxi from Makaha to Bishop Street in town for about $60. Two people is $30 a peice and you can get four in, and now the cost is $15.00 a peice. And if the Taxi driver lives in Makaha, he has it made in the shade. I saw it in the Sea Country blog.

Honolulu coulda been a contendah, da best.

The ivory towers of the Rail Tragedy stress that the rates of the bus and the rail will be the same. Of course, they did not say that the cost will go up to five dollars. And the buses will remain "cattle" cars. Somebody gotta pay for the high cost of rail. Billions and Billions of dollars in projected profits.

So the Taxi driver gets a nice nine passenger van and eight paying customers. Now it is only $7.50 a peice. From there a beautiful sleek bus that can carry 20 passengers and the taxi cab companies are home free. No rail stations and little humbug.

The marvel that we have in the present day is a #93 bus from town to Makaha, which is already close to perfection. How about the 91 and the 92? Also terrific. But naturally, the Rail People are not going to permit that. They will be cancelled by the Rail Party first chance they get. They gotta force the people into riding the Rail Disaster.

Other Means? The Rail Tragedy is to stop anything that will be better, but people keep looking! Oahu East blog says the same thing, so it is going around.

Most of us are not planning on riding the Rail Disaster, so we are looking for alternate means. We all know they have plans for screwing up the bus system so as to force everyone on the Rail. But we are looking and perhaps as eventually it happened in San Francisco, they tore it down.

Pub's Side Note: "Not everything that counts can be counted,
and not everything that can be counted counts."