Monday, July 8, 2013

Anything But The Rail Tragedy

Good News from Senator Maile Shimabukuro blog;
The State has approved Oahu Bikeways, $2.5 million for land acquisition for a multi-path from the vicinity of Waipi'o Point to Lualualei Naval Road. The #40 bus and the "C" bus both too crowded and many would rather bike it than ride the cattle cars of Oahu.

"Three things cannot be long hidden:
the sun, the moon, and the truth."

More good news, the new importation of The Flying Pigeon which isn’t a bicycle. It is an icon. Only one bicycle has earned the distinction of being the single most popular mechanized vehicle on the planet .... That bike is The Flying Pigeon.

Given as national gifts to presidents and dignitaries alike, these are bicycles with stories, cultural icons, working machines built to last a lifetime. They provide a panoramic view of the city around you; giving you a new perspective on your community, its inhabitants, its pace of life.

First unveiled in China in 1950, the Flying Pigeon is classic. The look, iconic. The history, rich. The Flying Pigeon is back in 2013. We are switching gears and have re-tooled in the local bike shops. The buses and the Rail Crisis are just not cutting it.

Tough with the Rail Fiasco. But yes we know, "Da buck$."

The Twelve Passenger Van:

For the Taxi Driver that lives in Makaha. First you gotta cover the gas and it will take two gallons for the round trip to Downtown Honolulu. Next a van like that rents for at least $50 per day. With a full load, you can cover the income and expense very nicely and you have the rest of the day to pick up on the real cash. And you have a five day week built in.

With the regular charge going up to five dollars on the bus/rail, the $300 monthly parking permit in the rail stations will go up to $400. The users will be more than willing to pay some other way to ride in comfort to their places in Downtown Honolulu without the Bus and Rail Catastrophe. And everyone of these vans will have many cars missing right in front of them. The drivers are sitting in the vans very comfortably. Da way to go, Moe!

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