Monday, July 22, 2013


We don't have many public places (Night Clubs) in the West, where we can get our kind of music and dance our style of dance. And it will not be in this vicinity because of the Bad News Rail. There will be more people come back into popular dancing in the Salt Lake area, or in the Central Valley section. It seems like our night clubs are a different species altogether, they are more "public" and from what we read, they differ quite drastically in what they consider dancing.

Overheard: "Thank God, I am an atheist."

Then there is the long standing tradition of paying the expenses with the bar tab. Many have cover charges but are still not satisfied and popular social dancing has the reputation of having non-drunks. Whereas in many places on the mainland they have found a wealth of income in the Juice Bar and the Snack Bar.

"Every day is a gift. That is why it is called "the Present."

Then some of our dancing has to be toned down. Arm waving has to be reduced to an absolute minimum. Up is not so bad but sideways, never. Steps must be reduce in size and let the body do most of moving to the music. There is very good place in Pearlridge, but as Yogi Berra would say, "No body goes there, it's too crowded." Most for the young and they just wiggle to the music.

Some Rules from the Big Island, ten years ago.

Respect other dancers as you would like to be respected.
Encourage everyone to dance, no matter what their level/quality/style of dancing. The idea is to share the joy of dancing to the world.
Apologize for a collision on the dance floor, even if you are not at fault. Maybe the rude one will learn from you.
Follow the line of dance, allowing the faster dancers the outside lane.
Smile, you'll enjoy dancing more and others will enjoy you.
Applaud the band, they are trying to please. And if they please you with a particular dance, let them know. It may assure that you get more of the ones you like. This applies to the Music Producers too.

 "Hold On, I'm A'Comin'" by Sam & Dave

Criticize other dancers. No two couples are alike and since the main objective is to have fun, it doesn't matter if other dancers are as "perfect" as you. They just might be having a little bit more fun than you.

Pub's Side Note: What we need now is some Information and/or Photo Contributors (the Two Centers) willing to contribute their two cents for the good of the reader/dancers.