Friday, July 26, 2013

Dine and Dance

By Richard Sing, Fernandez Village

Dining and Dancing have been part of life in most societies for ages. It is nothing new for us living on Oahu. How we dine and how we dance, of course, differs in the different sectors according to the participants. And I believe we could respect the different preferences.

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Generally in the social club gathering the accepted method is the potluck. And it has been a very successful part of a social shindig, at school cafeterias, private meeting halls, district parks and community centers. The only negative is the overbearing presence of a clique. Then all is lost, it loses it's public acceptance.

"Wheel Of Fortune" by Kay Starr

In our available night clubs they try make expenses with the bar tab and that is extinct as far as our type of dancers. They must have a cover charge and make juices and snacks easily available. Then you have more "Dine and Dance."

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It use to be called "finger food" but it cannot be in a dancing situation where there is frequent touching of the hands. In Hawaii, we have the perfect set up, all pieces of whatever sold in small morsels. Our people are geniuses when it come to making chopstick food.

The one's that find it easy to accept the outsiders, are the most successful because the outsiders tell their friends and it goes around and around and every one meets new people. That extended friendship is what makes it an Ohana. Fortunately we are not doing too bad in spite of the Dreadful Rail. ****

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