Monday, July 15, 2013

Help Stop the Rail Mess

In Paris, France

At least seven people died on Friday, the 12th in a horrific train derailment that left twisted wreckage strewn across the platform of a suburban Paris station. The wonder is that it didn’t happen sooner. France, has left much of its remaining rail system in a sorry state, the upkeep on a rail costs way too much. When an accident like that happens in Honolulu, it will be a lot more than seven dead. It is going to fall on a lot of people.

Industrial Park, between Waipahu and Kapolei, voted down by the Rail Party. 2000 less cars on the freeway to town, 2000 less cars contributing to Downtown traffic and 2000 less cars coming back. But it's the big bucks in profits. It's the dough, Flo.

Authorities didn’t immediately identify the cause of the wreck, but according to the newspaper Le Figaro, a group representing local commuter-rail passengers said that a rail-switching device near the derailment site had been malfunctioning for several weeks.

One tenth the cost of the Unacceptable Rail, five times more efficient. And "I coulda got it right around the corner where I always got it." No Rail Stations.

The president of the state-owned rail company SNCF, told a parliamentary hearing last fall that the conventional trains linking hundreds of French cities and towns urgently needed replacing. Some trains on these lines are 30 years old. The system had simply reached the end of its life. 

 "Respect for the Truth seems to be an acquired taste."

Now our big big wheels in Oahu Transportation are looking into a deal for buying some used trains from Europe. The commissions are in the millions. These mainlanders all know that local yokels can and are being taken. After all the citizens are the ones that will have to pay, through the nose. Residential property taxes will double in five years. Was estimated at 6 billion, now gone up to 8 billion and there are the usual rumors. Will finalize at over 10 billion dollars. That's a lot of profits, bigger than anything in the entire Pacific Basin.

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