Friday, August 23, 2013

Dance Floors

Sooner or later some club is going to find a Community Center with the room but no money to install a good dance floor. With the extremely high cost of the Rail Tragedy, it is out of the question for the city. It has been done on the Mainland. Many members on the Club make loans in packets of $100 to the Club at zero interest. This for the floor fund to install the floor. After the floor is installed a few "Fundraisers" to pay back the loans, and away you go.

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Basic oak strip flooring is around $10 to $13 a square foot, installed. Laminates range from $6 to $11per square foot, installed. Of course, the club may have some handy men, could be probably less than $2 a square foot. More exotic varieties of hardwood flooring quickly rise in price. With laminates, the wood character comes from a photographic image, so they are about the same price for any grain or finish option.

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Flooring installation is one of the later phases in a typical remodeling project so it would be considered a regular installation here. Solid hardwood flooring stock should be in the room where it will be used at least three weeks prior to installation. This allows the wood to acclimate to the average moisture content and heat of the room. If material is laid too early, it can dry and shrink and the joints between boards will open up. Laminates only need to be on site a few days prior to installation. This would not be a big problem.

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Maintenance and Repair
Laminate floors require very little maintenance. The material handles surface moisture well, but if the core material gets wet it can expand and damage the flooring. In ballrooms, you must make sure that surface water is wiped up quickly after spills. Unlike hardwood, laminate does not require sanding and refinishing every few years. Routine cleaning with a vacuum or damp mop is all that is needed. The process for repairing damaged boards is similar to that of hardwood. Precision cutting and fitting is required, so a professional should be hired to replace any damaged pieces.

Perhaps the new club that forms will be able to do this. We can all help.

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