Friday, August 30, 2013

From the Text books

The second category of technique has to do with the relationship between the partners. If a leader does not understand the correct dance frame, then the leader will resort to using strength, forcing the follower to move a particular way, which maybe awkward or even dangerous.

From a London Newsletter, 20 years ago:
"Carry the lady as she were a tray of drinks The finest champagne in the best glassware. Do not spill a drop."

A proper dance frame allows the leader to indicate the desired movement clearly but without force. This in turn, allows the follower to move properly and safely. Likewise, if the follower does not understand the correct dance frame, the leader has no method to communicate the lead.

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It is also important to understand that much of recreational dance is counter intuitive. For example, in some figures a couple turns not because the dancers turn individually but because one partner remains relatively still, while the other partner moves past, causing the partnership to turn. Many other aspects of dancing are also counter intuitive, and without a thorough grounding in partner relationship technique,the dance can become an arm wrestling match set to music.

"Are You Lonesome To-night" by Elvis Presley

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