Friday, August 2, 2013


This blog has been truly amazing. I was just hoping it would go along with the rest and perhaps just be valuable as a link. Once testing was completed, participation was very good and I did not expect this many reader/dancers of such high quality.

"The belief that there is only one truth and that oneself
is in possession of it may be the deepest root of
all the evil that is in this world."

My job in search quality will be to rank the blogs appropriately in our stats. (see July Stats in Blogging Hawaii blog.) I have acquired a little experience in ranking our blogs and I feel confident that I will be up to the challenge making many of the blogs independent.

I am very excited by the potential to substantially increase the dissemination of knowledge among all of us on the Western Part of this Island. I do not want to build a walled garden of content; I want to disseminate information and photos of our kuleana as widely as possible.

"A truth that's told with bad intent,
beats all the lies you can invent."

Any dancers out on the Windward side?

If you have been gossiped about, it should be our goal to help bring you healing ... to bring you peace and to help you work through it. you may not be able to stop every negative word that comes your way, but you can minimize it and the damage so that it does not completely destroy, you, your relationships or your children's future.

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