Thursday, August 8, 2013

Who Da Guy?

I have been watching some of these people in many places and they seem to know what they want. They enjoy the music and the moving to that music. They enjoy the company of their friends and neighbors and are willing to accept "outsiders" to partake of the fun. But of course, most of these people know the music and do not have ear plugs in their ears from sunup to sundown.

"Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life." ~ Albert Schweitzer

"We" do not dance for others, we dance for ourselves. Once we got that gang together we got it made in the shade. We get suggestions and among the best of our advisors are the teachers of American Style of Dance. But in the end, we dance anyway we damn well please.

"Your Cheatin' Heart" by Hank Williams
That guy over there dancing like a horse stuck in a muddy swamp is having the time of his life. He knows he is not the best dancer in the crowd but he is willing to learn a few things that will make his dancing to his favorite music more enjoyable. No one is going to tell him that it is heel, toe, toe. Or is it the other way around? Hell, I don't know.

"High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)" by Frankie Lane
We understand that we cannot dance in all the social dancing because of the cliques. We should all know that an organization that is free of large cliques (like a private club) can be very good for the social dancer. Night Clubs? Careful, many are very adverse to anything that may resemble "Ballroom" dancing. They can be rootzi tootzi about it too.

I hope that in these blogs we will gradually cover only the most pleasant places to dance our way. Which ever way it may someday be defined. We do not seem to be there yet, but the new social dance club is coming, sure as hell.