Sunday, September 22, 2013

Competition Dancing?

From Steven and Gertrude Wilson, Kalealoa:

Why do you go out dancing and what are your goals in dancing? This may or may not be something that you think about but perhaps you should. It's not something that you need to spend lots of time pondering but maybe it should cross your mind once in a while.

"Music is a friend of labor for it lightens the task by refreshing
the nerves and spirit of the worker."

So, just what kind of dancer are you? We were once competition dancers until we re-thought our goals. We moved where we did and realized we couldn't put in the time necessary to improve our dancing and keep us happy with our performance. We had to make adjustments. When we are able to work nearby we can re-evaluate our goals and may return to competing. We are still in our late forties.

"Mr. Tambourine Man" by the Byrds

If your goal is to be an excellent social dancer you need to ask yourself if you are improving in the areas necessary to becoming a better social dancer. Do you ask different men or ladies to dance? Do you work on your lead and follow when you do? Do you work on your social skills? Do you evaluate your dance frame and posture?

These are things that dancers sometimes take for granted but often overlook. Even some excellent competition dancers lack the qualities of a good social dancer. Most of us can see that in our everyday dancing.

If your goal is to compete and become the top in your level you need to set different goals and look at dancing very differently. You may need to trade off social dancing in order to become a better competitor. Being the best competitive dancer takes constant and intense training.

"That's My Boy" by Stan Freburg 

Kapolei Shopping Center with a night club, - Perfection.
Maybe you don't have any goals and just go out dancing to have fun and meet people. That is a legitimate goal! There is nothing wrong with that approach. No matter what type of dancer you want to be, ask yourself what kind of impression do you make on others.

We have seen some dancers who may be perfectly nice people off the dance floor but turn into idiots when on the dance floor. I have seen guys open doors for ladies but not know how to ask a gal to dance. We have seen women dress in outfits at a dance that they wouldn't dare wear any place else. A dance is not a place to leave your social skills at the door.

Neighbor Islands, anyone?

There are many dancers, who like the exercise gained while dancing. It's true that dancing is a great way to exercise but while you exercise, you'll be practicing your control and balance as well. No matter what kind of dancer you are or why you go out dancing, you can enjoy yourself more and leave a better impression if you take time and think about what you are doing.