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The roots of Latin dance are difficult to pinpoint, as they are broad and varied depending upon which dance style you are focusing on.

Some people make their dance decisions by the book. Even though
they don't know who wrote the book - or even what book!" 

In Kapolei? Dream On!
However, as much as the Colonists wish to put down the Indians, the facts remain, all of Latin dancing is derived from the original indigenous dances. All of them, and there were approximately ten million inhabitants in the Americas when the first illegals arrived.

The predominant Brazil native dances used the chassé and coincidentally, the Portuguese also had several dances with the chassé. No one has ever had a patent on the chassé and it is danced in thousands of dances throughout the world. So what could have been more natural than to have the "low class" Portuguese assimilate the Indian dances and make their own changes in the process. It evolved into the Samba but this was long before the slaves arrived.

"Cuando Eschuches Este Valse" by Vicente Fernandez

All the native inhabitants had a three count dance. When the Europeans arrived with the Waltz, it was nothing new to them, they took to it easily and absorbed whatever they liked. It has since evolved into two different Waltzes. the American style, with the Even Rhythm and the Viennese with a chassé.

"Morir Por Tu Amor" by Xavier Solis

For those that dance to the music and the words and not for the dance movement itself.
Translated from the Spanish:

"Songs are born from memories, from our own pains and from others; joys that we did not live but someone that lived with us did; tears that we did not cry but someone cried near us. A song is a piece of life; a suit that is looking for a body to fit together well. The more bodies to be for that suit, the more success will have the song. Because if everybody sings it, it is a signal that everybody has lived it, feels it, and it suits them well."
~ Enrique Santos Discepolo

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