Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gotta Find A Way

Everybody is beginning to know that the city intends to cut 90% of the bus service to West Oahu and force people to use the rail and the rail stations. Nobody is interested in using the rail humbug, so people are looking desperately for alternate methods.

The first is the car, of course, even if stalled on the freeway, you have your radio, your cellphone and whatevah to pass the time. There is an expected upsurge in traffic on the freeways. And there are other methods developing to avoid the horrible Rail Disaster.

The World's Longest Limousine and you can go in style. Breakfast served on the way to town and Bar service on the way back. Costly, but better than paying $400 per month parking at the Rail Station. And it can pick up you where the bus always did and it will keep away from streets close to where the Rail might fall on you. Terrific! Of course the Rail Party is going to try to block you off from that.

Some people are getting interested in this blog. (Name Change?) It is just like Twitter only longer and your readers will be your fellow dancers on this Island. What could be more perfect than
a dance Ohana on a local blog.

“Dance is the most perishable of the arts. Ballets are forgotten, ballerinas retire, choreographers die — and what remains of
that glorious production which so excited us a decade ago,
a year ago, or even last night?”

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