Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How The West Was Won

All of sudden this blog is showing importance. Just with Sea Country blog being deleted and Ewa Bus Stop inheriting the territory.

"If we could get just one thing straight, in our minds and our hearts, it should be
that we speak kindly of others. To bless is the greatest gift, to speak positively
into our lives and into the lives of others is to extol great power."

At Ko-Olina Resort
And I have been inquiring on Honokai Hale. It has been an important bus stop destination for the #93 bus. First stop from downtown  The fastest service we have ever had. And no way the rail is ever going to beat that. I can make it from Alapai Transit Center at 3 pm and get home in Nanakuli before 4 pm. And home is right around the corner.

The Rail Crisis will cost $400 per month just for parking at the station and with worse traffic it will take an hour just to get on the Rail Tragedy. And the plans of the Present Rail Party are to force the users of Public Transportation to using the Rail Mess. And more people are beginning to "hate" it.

"Three Times A Lady" by the Commodores

Honokai Hale was looking pretty good to have a Community Center but now postponed because of the Rail Disaster. A bedroom community that has to wait another ten years. Gotta pay for the Rail. But before the Present Rail Party arrived from the mainland, Something happened in Honokai Hale. 

There was a time when volunteers turned the first spadeful of dirt toward their goal of creating a place for their children to play until the project's completion: After 30 years, Kamokila Community Park has been completed. The park, now several years old recently received its final touches courtesy of the city: Renovations to the basketball and volleyball courts, a 10-foot fence around the volleyball court, a dugout, picnic tables and water fountains.

"Nostalgias" por Placido Domingo

Check out the terrific write up by Richie Fun in Town Dancer. Our blogs lack news of Tango, now is your chance. Especially now that we know what the Argentine dancers know, you cannot engrave the methods and movements on stone.

Oahu West got a nice bunch of photos from Aunty Maile which resulted in a nice blog. Any of you in the West would be interested. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club had people there from the North Shore.

Honokai Hale, Dance Night Club

Or as the young guy told me, "Not in your lifetime."

Pub's Side Note: For Saturday I intend to be at the Dream to Dance Studio and the Salsa Party. I intend to take three cameras and hope to get some different viewpoints. If I can get the eleven o'clock #40 bus back, I will be home by one AM.