Friday, September 20, 2013

Two-Centers, Guest Authors

The Eastside blog will be deleted over the weekend and the dilution will slow down. With just myself and three other Guest Authors, we are close to the point of diminishing returns at about 334 average hits per day (10000 per month) for our entire blogosphere. And the next one to go will be Central Valley, when the hits drop enough.

"In order for us to succeed, our desire for success
must exceed our fear of failure."

Yes, the following are the different Information Contributors on tap with the possibility of becoming a Guest Author. We need prose not poetry. Information about our dancing locations and our fellow dancers. Our blogs have one big advantage in that everything will be above board, much different than the cliques that have almost run Dancing into the ground.

"Stranger In Paradise"
by the Four Aces

Opinion: applies to a conclusion or judgement which, while it remains open to dispute, seems true or probable to one's own mind.

Belief: refers to the mental acceptance of an idea or conclusion, often a doctrine or dogma proposed to one for acceptance.

View: is an opinion affected by one's personal manner of looking at things.

Conviction: is a strong belief about whose truth one has no doubts about.

Sentiment: refers to an opinion that is the result of deliberation but is colored with emotion.

Persuasion: refers to a strong belief that is unshakable because one wishes to believe in its truth.

"Sometimes tradition is the way of doing things that keeps us
from doing them better."

There you have it, these will be our Information Contributors and each contribution will be identified by the name of the contributor. We all have two choices, we can take it or leave it. Rather simple, isn't it? You can contribute whatever and whenever you please.

Of course some of our reader/dancers are beginning to realize that there is something else, in blogging, everyone can stick their own two cents in too. And everything will be more current.

"During one disastrous Cha Cha Cha, he treads all over the lady's feet. He apologises, saying, ‘I’m so sorry, but I’m a little stiff from badminton.’ His partner replies, ‘I don’t care where you’re from. Just be careful with your feet."

Pub's Side Note: They have just had the last Salsa at the Vice Night Club.
Salsa may be slowing down in Honolulu.

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