Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bolero - Mambo

Bolero - Mambo by Benigño Torres, Pearl City:

In my opinion the most beautiful music in existence today. These different dances have the same music more or less except for the speed and the arrangement.

Blogger's Law #23D: "When in doubt, predict that trend will continue."

The Bolero in the US is more Europeanized, so that for many it can sound like warmed over Fox Trots. Most Latin boleros are in the 95 -105 beats per minute speed and the dance is very suave, slow going, tantalizing with an occasional full stop for a full count accent once or twice in the dance. Most Latin songs are in the bolero genre. A faster bolero is a very good Rumba.

"The Caribbean Disco Show" By Lobo
The American bolero, invented by American dance teachers, is danced very different than the Rumba but the only thing keeping it up is that it is included in the dances of the American Style of Dance. It will just become obsolete in our "Recreational" dancing which is danced socially. Very romantic but much of the music is used for listening only. Good dinner music in Latin America.

The Mambo was much faster and came from the old Rumba, 110 to 120 beats per minute, the clave beat is more intense and the physical action in dancing is more evident. The original "Bamba,"  (Bolero) sounds like you are going to a wake in comparison to the Richie Valens version in full jazzed up Mambo beat.

Mambo was the most fun dance in the Americas for over 40 years even with the split of the break on 1 or on 2. It has been supplanted with the Salsa, which is more acrobatic and has engaging and disengaging complicated arm movements. And now being replace by Reggaeton for the kids. Of course the Reggaeton is now being split in several different factions too. And many have added Bachata and what about Zouk coming up?

"La Carmencita" By Orchestra Pedro Gomez

The under thirty crowd must have new dances and there will be many new fads coming along. The regular "cultural" dancer (over thirty) will standardize to have fun dancing and socialize too for his/hers remaining 50 years of life. The Night Club dancing will return, we just have to accept, where we can dance and who has to pay for it.

(to be continued with Rumba)

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