Sunday, October 20, 2013

Holiday Season

It has started with a bang. Frank has covered the early birds very well. Starting with the Oldies But Goodies Bash. Now Halloween coming up and Wahiawa Dance Club leads it with their dance on Friday, October 25. There are others shaping up in the West but they keep it a secret from our readers.

"And, after all, what is a lie? 'Tis but the truth in masquerade."

From Honolulu Traffic October 4, 2013

Total expenditures for the Rail Mistake was just for the 12 months between August 2012 and August 2013 were $256 million. Of that amount $166 million was for professional services and that was likely all for Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Hey, you ain't seen nuttin' yet. As they are fond of saying, "These local yokels can be taken."

These people intend to make millions and millions of dollars in pure profits. And many will admit that the Rail Tragedy will not do the users of Public Transportation any good. The mess that is coming will stop many people from moving to Oahu but it will also slow down the Tourist trade immensely. The effects of the current screw ups are already coming into view.

"I Get Around" by the Beach Boys

Waikiki Hotels expect to do pretty good in spite of the heavy traffic. Getting worse on Saturday Nights so a few are waking up to the fact that perhaps Pearl City or Pearlridge areas could be used. Most places require word of mouth and that is not enough in a "city." So we see very little advertising in our magazines and newspapers.

The Triple Step, I saw it again. There have been several names for this move in the last century. But it came about some where about eight millenniums ago. About 6000 BC. There is some evidence that this movement was being used by the Indians in the Mexican Civilizations where they first developed professionals in dance. It is named the Chassé in ballet (from the French to chase,) nowadays and never fully explained by most dance teachers as a separate and distinct movement in dancing and applied to thousands of dances.