Thursday, October 17, 2013


by Ronald Svenson, Ewa Beach

Why do recreational dancing? Fish swim, birds fly, and I think recreational dancing offers the nearest equivalent satisfaction for humans. Furthermore, it is easier to get people together to meet and socialize when there is something this enjoyable to do. Human beings are psychologically constructed so as to achieve fulfillment and satisfaction from dancing.

 "The person who says they never told a lie - just told one."

They like to socialize and have fun as a couple. Even single people are grateful for the opportunity to be a couple with one other person even if for only one dance which is very predominant in our dancing circles.

There is a tendency for our rulers and leaders to treat ordinary dancers as subjects. A really democratic dance club expects the dancers to be citizens responsible for their own choices, not subjects. People like a chance to attend a social event in the role of adult citizens, not subjects.

"I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5

There is a Viewer Class developing as of late. Dinner/dance meetings and concerts are social events where people attend as subjects and observers, not participants and citizens. People at a large shopping mall are attending as citizens, but it does not feel like a social event. A dance can be a large social event where people can attend as citizens and participants, not subjects.

At a dance people participate as couples, not as individuals. Of course, line dancing is a very pleasant diversion. As I get older, recreational dancing seems adult and civilized and feels like real dancing. Swing and Salsa seem more juvenile and feels as much like calisthenics as like dancing; furthermore, while you may be dancing in collaboration with each other, you are no longer dancing so much together as a couple.

The dances typically done to rock, hip hop etc. seem infantile and uncivilized. Group dances can reduce people to being subjects, not citizens; some people find them degrading and humiliating. And of course, some dances can be fun and folk dances have existed for centuries.

"There are many shining qualities in the minds of people, but there is none so useful as discretion - without it, learning is pedantry and wit impertinent."


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