Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kapolei Social Dance

"The best laid plans of mice and men"  The data from the different sectors has been nudging me for a few months. So I finally caved in and starting from December 1st, we have a new name for this blog.

“We have no right, by anything we do or say, to demean a human being in their own eyes. What matters is not what we think of them; it is what they think of themselves. To undermine a person's self-respect is a sin.”

Makakilo, Kapolei and Honokai Hale have become very cohesive in their opposition of the Rail Catastrophe. And it is spreading up the Waianae Coast and down the Moanalua Corridor. They will be more inclined to stop those who have held back any industrial activity namely the Present Rail Party. "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

"Stranger In Paradise" by the Four Aces

We hope to live, work and play in the area and make this area a real paradise, a real second city. That cohesiveness will also help to have some "play" available beside restaurants. A good cocktail lounge would be a good beginning. More locations available for social dancing may come about.There are plenty of dancers but the Present Rail Party wants everyone to go down town and pay their dues to Honolulu.

We do not take advertising but we received this email:

Mint Condition: Male, 1945, high mileage, good condition, some hair, many
new parts including hip, knee, cornea, valves. Isn't in running condition,
but walks and dances well. Seeks dance partner.

"Hot Rod Lincoln" by Commander Cody

The Statistics
Ask anyone who has a business website and they will tell you that one of the most important things you can do are, to monitor visitors to your site and pay attention to the stats. You've heard the saying "Anything that can be measured can be improved." However at present the statistics available are only for the benefit of the statistic makers. They are no longer of benefit for the ones that were the goal at one time.

Blogger Statistics leads the way to the mess. They have all kinds of statistics, where they come from, the methods used and dozens of other gimmicks. But they include robot hits which mean nothing for the Bloggers blogging. In fact they are detrimental to our data. If you enquire you can almost see their attitude. Their heads lean back a little and their eyelids close slightly as they pronounce from on high, "They don't exist." Wow!

If you can get something close to the real thing, stats can be a very useful and valuable tool in getting your blog site optimized. They can tell you if changes you make are having a positive or negative effect on traffic.

One of the best things existing at the moment is the blog masters that ignore stats and just "fly by the seat of their pants".  "Anything that can be measured can be improved" but you can't improve anything unless you measure it. And the stats we have available at present just do not have the right programming.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Line Dancing in the Corridor

Line Dancing for beginners is what is needed in some parts, specially the Salt Lake area. High population density but many have been inclined to Honolulu for too long. Honolulu is humbug and with the Rail Calamity it is going to get worse. You can have an awful lot of fun in your own kuleana.

Though I am not naturally honest, I am so sometimes by chance.
~William Shakespeare

Women take to it, for the fact that they need no partner and can enjoy moving to music all by themselves, somewhat like it has been done for centuries. For men it is, how easy to learn the basic fundamentals without learning to lead a lady at the same time.

For both men and women, they learn the basic movements, and the basic rhythms that are played in ordinary cultural partner dancing. Much of the music becomes familiar and they develop their favorites. Line Dance DJs lead the rest in having a menu of the dances that will be played that night. What more can you ask for? Well for one thing, let's not get too fancy. Keep it at the Bronze level.

And the latest estimates are at ten billion dollars for the Rail Disaster. Millions
and Millions of dollars in pure profits for the few in the Present Rail Party.
And who is going to pay for this mess? Lucky You!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oriental LAGS

By Frank Liu, Honakai Hale
The Importance Of Basic Techniques Over Variations

For no known reason, many studios, especially those in Hong Kong, China, Korea and Japan, have LAGS (Latest And Greatest Syndrome.)  Instead of focusing on getting the basic techniques right, they tend to teach more variations than basic techniques to group classes. Perhaps there is a marketing intention behind it. And it is true that many beginner students feel that a teacher is more knowledgeable if he or she can teach variations in a class.

"You're So Vain" by Carly Simon

These students do not understand the importance of basic techniques. They are too eager to learn a few moves quickly and hit the dance floor, like stars, right away. And the situation seems to be more widespread than that. Recently, more dance studios tend to teach many variations in both Ballroom And Latin group classes. In many of these classes there are more female than male students. The proportion is about 20 females to just 6 to 8 males. The complicated variations are what throws the males, because they have to lead.

"Born To Run" by Bruce Springsteen

Some 30 years back in Japan, Ballroom Dance beginners did not learn any variations at all in classes. Only those professional or amateur competitors with fixed partners or demonstrating teachers would dance variations. Variations are not for the regular recreational dancer. They are ninety per cent done to be seen and when done by more seasoned dancers they can be beautiful as we can see on most of our exhibition dance floors.

A ballroom like this somewhere in West Oahu? Da Berries!


Thursday, November 21, 2013


All of our dancing blogs need "Information and Photo Contributors," that is people that will contribute information and photos not readily accessible to the rest of us. They usually refer to sticking in their two cents, so we have converted the terminology to a Two-Center.

"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Our reader/dancers can contribute one sentence, two sentences, a paragraph and even an short article when they get going. This is necessary to establish the blog as Social Media. The different opinions coming from different places are the body of a good dancing blog.

Clones we do not need. And yes I realize that it is somewhat difficult to understand. It requires information and/or photos only. It does not require anyone going for the Pulitzer or Professional photographers. And each photo is also a point of view.

"You've Really Got A Hold On Me" by the Miracles

Recreational dancing as it is slowly being defined on this Island is quite extensive. The biggest is our portion, where and who we are. All the rest, put together, the peripherals are less than half of our totals. The peripherals do not seem to realize this yet. They have preferred to marginalize us but that will slow down to a better understanding.

All you need is a computer and email to send the information and/or photos to the dance blog of your choice. And it is very possible when you see the good results of your contributions, you may think about the next step, of being a Guest Author. The most valuable item for a dance blog to establish their independence from the originator.

Each blog is slowly defining itself as to the niche it will cover. Much of the blogs will have overlapping agendas. But they are slowly shaping up and we must let them go as they wish. The Two-Centers may choose their preferred blog and that will certainly help to make the blogs different.

Of course, I will not live forever and we must allow for this. Town Dancer the top rated blog with average hits per day should be the first one to go. If I work it right, it should be fully independent in six months. I can begin working on the next one to go.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Good and Bad

The news from Honolulu Authority on Vapid Transit:

All bad, even though they do not mention that the new estimates for the Rail Disaster are now approaching ten billion dollars. This means millions and millions of dollars in profit for somebody. The Present Rail Party is not saying.

"Truth never envelops itself in mystery, and the mystery in which it is at any time enveloped is the work of its antagonist, and never of itself."

They got their very high priced gang in, paying off some of the locals naturally. And HART has taken over from this dissolved Oahu Transit Division. Now, they are slowly importing the super Rail maintenance engineers at huge salaries of course and then get rid of the old maintenance division, that had been doing such a great job before DRA (Da Rail Tragedy.)

The Industrial Parks will be prohibited on Oahu. "Keep the Country, Country"
same old story. You must pay your dues to Honolulu. Ladies should
curtsy and men should at least kneel on one knee.

Business had been pretty good for some. Bicycles are selling quite good, and now motorbikes and motor scooters too. Many are going into electric because if you have a home you can install a solar recharger for the batteries. No gas. Gotta do sumteeng, da Rail Disaster ain't it.

"Stranger in Paradise" by Tony Bennett

Those living close to the waters edge are looking at the small motorboats. Non-stop to Honolulu but then the parking is going to be hard to find. Some are looking to lease in Pearl Harbor with bigger boats and take 30, 40 passengers. May be good if they can beat the $400 monthly parking permits at the Rail Stations. But just about anything is better than the Rail.

From having one of the best public transportation systems in the world,
now being dragged down to the depths by the Present Rail Party and
the paid off government officials. Auwe!

And of course we are beginning to hear from those living on the North Shore and on Windward side. Why should they have their property taxes double for a Rail Crisis that is not theirs. And their bus service gets worse too. Of course, we haven't heard from the neighbor islands. Oh boy, when they find out that they will be unanimously elected to bail out the Oahu bankruptcy that is sure to come.

But by then all these wealthy mainlanders will be back home on the mainland, retired very nicely and living off their good money.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Kapolei Shopping Centers, very good for most needs. But the Present Rail Party insists you do everything in Honolulu. Second City was just shibai, it will remain a bedroom community. Last century thinking and the big bucks in building a Rail Catastrophe.

"Education costs money.  But then so does ignorance."

Meanwhile dancers have to find how and where to dance in the West. Let's face it, we can just about dance anywhere, and we don't need any special dance shoes. What we dance is for the masses, not the classes. But finding a place where we could dance more comfortable is difficult to find. Most places that could have been used for dancing have raise the rentals to pay for the Rail Disaster.

Perhaps we could build our own portable dance floor and use it in a public park.

Their floor is 10 panels (4 x 8), floor 12 x 16, 192 sq ft. We need 15 panels, floor, 20 x 24, 480 sq ft. These are 2 x 6 floor joist, could be 2 x 4s? Storage for 15 panels? Set up, about one half hour 4 men.All tables and Chairs up close to floor, keeps dancers from getting too close to the edges.

These buildings are sold as Portables, but they can be set up on a Semi-Permanent basis. Could be built in a Park near Kapolei, rest rooms and plenty parking. Arrangements for a portable dance floor, music and pot luck to be made by the Dance Clubs. No need the Rail Fiasco. Gotta do sumteeng!

"Under The Boardwalk" by the Drifters

Looks like the Holiday Season is concentrating in downtown Honolulu. The traffic is going to be horrible, of course, it will be worse when the Rail Calamity gets in. As a real second city, Kapolei coulda been a contendah. The proposed Dance Pavilion in Waipio has been definitely cancelled to help pay for the Rail Disaster which is Millions and Millions of dollars in Profits for somebody.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Indians, follow up

In two centuries, 1500 to 1700, the introduction of the guitar and the violin assisted to make major changes in the indigenous music and dance. The term "Latino" began to be applied to this new music and the dance. In the Caribbean basin, the 3000 dances were reduced to perhaps 4 or 5 hundred and larger groups standardized the movements. This is still a lot of dances to consider.

"In music the passions enjoy themselves." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

There was a great growth of population on the mainland surrounding the Caribbean. In the US from Florida to Texas. In Mexico, Central America and the great territories in the northern part of the South America. Most were Spanish and French territories.

Naturally this also increased commerce throughout the Caribbean and there were pirates galore. Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum was a common saying. As it has been for ages, there was great transfer of information among the lower levels in the Caribbean basin by the ordinary sailors that visited wherever.
"Ropa Vieja" por Roberto Robles

And it was very clear that this music and dance was in the lower levels both socially and economically. The recreational Latin Dancer understands to this day, that they dance the dance of the masses not the classes. In Hawaii we understand that some groups have been Rootzi-Tootzied up to unbelievable levels and shall remain as Peripherals. We are the main body simply because we are so many.

Latin dance includes a variety of dances originating in Latin America. Examples include the Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa, Mambo, Danza, Merengue, Tumba, Bachata, Cumbia, Bolero and more. Some also include the other tangos & Argentine Tango in this list, although they differ from the rest in their style. It will evolve more with the coming Latin Night Club and Latin Dance Studio.

Ballroom dancing has throughout the years standardized their own dances appropriate for their own style. Ballroom, International and American, and Country. There is  new terminology for recreational dancers in developmental stages. There has been some discussion on the standardization of the "Latin" dances. What are they? You got a couple of hours and I will try to name them.

"It is not death that people should fear, but they should
fear never having begun to live."


Monday, November 11, 2013


The indigenous world & the word “Indian”:
by Rafael Cardona, Honokai Hale

From the time of Columbus and the late 15th century forward, the Spaniards & Portuguese called the peoples of the Americas “Indians”—that is, inhabitants of India. Not only is the term erroneous by origin, but it did not correspond to anything in the minds of the indigenous people.

They had no word meaning “inhabitant of the Western Hemisphere,” and most of them appear not to have adopted any equivalent even after a couple centuries of contact. Any such word refers to the masses as seen from the outside & not to any unity perceived by themselves.

However the Mestizos (mixed) adopted the term, not rapidly but it was eventually accepted. It has been commonly on record; a Mestizo moves from the village to work in the city. "Cuando yo era Indio." "When I was an Indian." The mere process of moving from the village to the city could make you lose your Indianess.

Musical compositions, it should be remembered, do not inhabit certain countries, certain museums, like paintings and statues. The Mozart Quintet is not shut up in Salzburg: I have it in my pocket. ~Henri Rabaud

The base of all the Latin dances is indigenous.

They are the dances that were danced by the Indians centuries before the European arrived. The influence in these dances comes from the great civilizations in Mexico and Peru, and probably over 3000 different dances throughout the Americas.

Even today, there are over 600 documented steps in Cha Cha Cha, alone. You think you invented one? Don't kid me, kid. When the first illegal aliens arrived, the Indians kept their versions of the dance and the only outsiders that had any interest in this music and dance were the poorest of the poor immigrants. Those of the higher social levels had no such interest. With time there was a general acceptance that the European dance was better than the dance of the Indians and the modifications began to increase in the indigenous dances.

My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require. ~Edward Elgar


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Great Expectations

Direct from Aunty Maile

Aloha from the Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club!
Just two things to remember!
1.    Get your tickets for our upcoming "JINGLE BELL ROCK DANCE!"  It will be here before you know it!  BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!

2.  Come and join us, in celebrating all the things we are thankful for!
Come and an enjoy a wonderful evening at the WBDC THANKSGIVING DANCE!

Ahui hou!
Maile Yagi for WBDC


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Cartoon

From "Rail" by the famous John Pritchett:

But fortunately the people of this Island are waking up to the untruthfulness of the Present Rail Party and what they did to Ben. Unforgivable. They used to say about these people that you can tell if they are lying. "If their lips are moving they are" Of course, now they have proven that they can lie even worse without moving their lips. Look what they have done for Caldwell and Boylan. We don't hear much anymore from Bob Jones, I guess they stopped paying him. But for awhile they had him hook, line and sinker.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Famous Two-Centers

The strangest thing is the lack of Two-Centers. Those willing to share a little dance atmosphere with their fellow dancers. Just a photo and a couple paragraphs would do for a start. And just email it and I would post it in the blog of your choice. Easy as pie and the reader/dancers would eat that stuff right up, and the hits would go through the roof. Why? Because they cannot get any thing resembling that information except through cliques and everyone knows how reliable that is.

"Never let yourself be bullied into silence. Don't let anyone define you, define yourself. And your brain is there for a reason ... so write that viewpoint up."

Then of course, would come the option of becoming a Guest Author. The two-centers would have discovered that the view from their side of the ballroom is much different than from my side. So we have different opinions and that is what makes it interesting and it becomes Social Media.

We are not talking about journalists, novelists, professional writers of any kind. We are simply talking about gatherers and spreaders of information which may be of interest to our fellow reader/dancers. Just the facts as you see them and not SOS. Wha dat?

“She didn't know how to follow. I did a spot turn while she
did a promenade. I never saw her again.”

On any blog, I expect to get enough Two-Centers and convince a few to become Guest Authors, able to get on the blog, write, post photos, publish and get out without saying "boo" to anyone. Eventually I could appoint two Administrators (one for back up). Then, with at least four or five Guest Authors, independence. I could resign and work on the other blogs. This would send the hits for this type of blog at over 100 average hits per day.

"Knock On Wood" by Amii Stewart

This will also lower the great reliance on the vicious cliques that have always existed in our dance circles and have been so detrimental to our cause. I keep meeting so many “good people.” I am beginning to accept the fact that in the dance community of this Island we have some of the best people in this world. With all their faults, (and who in the hell is perfect?) they are still the best. All over this Island, we just have to look for them and gradually get them to know each other. I can see that the class of our reader/dancers is elevating day by day.

"How much you know is not as important as what you do with
what you do know."


Friday, November 1, 2013


What is the dance Rumba? There are a few different interpretations from several different viewpoints. But of course, my viewpoint is the correct one. Haw haw!
"Let's Face The Music And Dance" By Nat "King" Cole

The Rumba is a slow, intense, sensuous, romantic dance with much flirtation. The International is more jerky, sexless and not as suave as the American, mainly show biz poses and competition styles with their rules. There are several other Rumbas in the Latin World but many very local in regions.

But then International as a whole was developed in a more pristine environment and sex has nothing at all to do with their dancing, zip, zero, none, nada. But I suppose we can admit they try in the ladies costumes.

Many of the basic figures of the dance in the American and Recreational have a "tease and run" theme from the original in which the lady first flirts with and then rejects her partner. The sexual overtures can be very aggressive. This has diminished with time.

"All children are artists. The problem is how to have them
remain artists once they grow up."
The Rumba spotlights the lady and in particular her rhythmic body action and sexuality. The slow Latin beat, the rhythmic body and hip action, and the steamy tease and run figures have resulted in routines that could be close to X-rated. But not in the International style.

The Rumba is a little faster than bolero, 100 -110 beats per minute and it usually has a little more of the boom-boom, clack-clack. bang-bang, click-click in what seems a larger clave percussion section. The goof up in the American Rumba was in differentiating the two key schools of dance, the Arthur Murray and the Fred Astaire with the box step.

The International has been very clear and united in that it is basically an older Rumba-mambo but with International quirks to make it a separate and distinct dance and at one time it had a distinct Latin type Rumba music.

Recreational dancers are gradually changing the basic Rumba that has been danced for decades on Oahu to something more standardized with more basic movements so the more men can lead and more women can follow easier and enjoy a good Rumba to real Rumba music. Da Berries.