Friday, November 15, 2013


Kapolei Shopping Centers, very good for most needs. But the Present Rail Party insists you do everything in Honolulu. Second City was just shibai, it will remain a bedroom community. Last century thinking and the big bucks in building a Rail Catastrophe.

"Education costs money.  But then so does ignorance."

Meanwhile dancers have to find how and where to dance in the West. Let's face it, we can just about dance anywhere, and we don't need any special dance shoes. What we dance is for the masses, not the classes. But finding a place where we could dance more comfortable is difficult to find. Most places that could have been used for dancing have raise the rentals to pay for the Rail Disaster.

Perhaps we could build our own portable dance floor and use it in a public park.

Their floor is 10 panels (4 x 8), floor 12 x 16, 192 sq ft. We need 15 panels, floor, 20 x 24, 480 sq ft. These are 2 x 6 floor joist, could be 2 x 4s? Storage for 15 panels? Set up, about one half hour 4 men.All tables and Chairs up close to floor, keeps dancers from getting too close to the edges.

These buildings are sold as Portables, but they can be set up on a Semi-Permanent basis. Could be built in a Park near Kapolei, rest rooms and plenty parking. Arrangements for a portable dance floor, music and pot luck to be made by the Dance Clubs. No need the Rail Fiasco. Gotta do sumteeng!

"Under The Boardwalk" by the Drifters

Looks like the Holiday Season is concentrating in downtown Honolulu. The traffic is going to be horrible, of course, it will be worse when the Rail Calamity gets in. As a real second city, Kapolei coulda been a contendah. The proposed Dance Pavilion in Waipio has been definitely cancelled to help pay for the Rail Disaster which is Millions and Millions of dollars in Profits for somebody.

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